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  1. Hit my monitor with an empty water bottle and this happened not cracked from the outside easy fix or nah??? It's an ips panel I believe and it is curved 31.5 inch 1ms response time
  2. I have this monitor and I dont know how to get audio on it it might have or might not have a sound card or speakers but I just cant hear it please need help It does not notify me on the website if it has any sound at all
  3. MYLORD77

    Audio defaults ?

    If I don't have default audio from the computer and the monitor what should I get like speakers or any other things except a headset. What are my options?
  4. So from here what can I do to get sound like buy speakers or what?
  5. Hi I have been using a headset for sound bc my audio devices in my computer and monitor have not been working as it says that they are but I test them and nothing just got them 3 weeks ago and still nothing My computer : Amd Ryzen 5 Vega 11 graphics My monitor : LG Ultrawide 25 in. Audio: LG Ultrawide (AMD High definition Audio)
  6. yo how did you update the audio drivers ive had the same problem and no fix if u see this plz help