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  1. So whenever I update my graphics driver for my gtx 780 sc, my cpu will be at 100% load and instantly freeze on desktop after boot.I know it's specifically a driver issue because when I install my gpu, the default driver (390.65) everything works fine. But the second I manually download /install the driver from nvidias website OR when windows automatically updates the driver, the pc will crash.I'm not 100% sure if the cpu is at 100% load because when you open your task manager it will for a split second say 100% but the computer will crash and the last thing I saw was the cpu at 100%.I've recently wanted to update my gpu but I'm running into this problem. Im thinking this might be a compatibility issue, can't think of anything else. Also can't find the same issue on Google.I posted the same question on r/techsupport but not many replies. Take a look at what one person wrote...Reddit threadSpecs are :i5-7600kEvga Gtx 780 sc8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram500gb WD hdd