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  • CPU
    Intel Core 2 quad 6700
  • Motherboard
    Asus P5e
  • RAM
    4 x 2Gb DDR2
  • GPU
    GTX 470
  • Case
    Cougar MX200
  • Storage
    320GB HHD
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 750w 80 plus

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  1. ABBA1998

    Is my cpu fried?

    Nothing at all when the he CPU is connected it doesn't get the time to post cause it power's down as soon as you power up... Like 2-3secs and boom off to a restart
  2. ABBA1998

    Is my cpu fried?

    So I have/had? a core 2 quad q6700 A Gtx 470 8 Gb of ddr2 On random YouTube vid while listening to music my pc froze.... I thought cool let's restart it but it never booted again.... Before getting to post it shuts off and restarts. I began the troubleshooting process striped off to the bare minimum. Gpu, ram , and hard drives where all fine since it kept having the problem after me disconnecting them. While I only had the CPU connected I though maybe I could try talking it off the ATX 8-pin and just try to power up the mobo to get the speaker beeping and what do you know it worked! So once I give power to the CPU the pc can't post it gets stuck on restart loops. I tried with a second PSU to make sure it wasn't the problem and sure enough nothing got fixed. So does that mean that the CPU is gone for no reason? Is this even possible? The thermal paste was just fine, the pins not bent, was not under real stress... And never run more than 50c...
  3. ABBA1998

    Is there a Win 10 user settings/info folder?

    Could you please explain what you mean by that? Why would it need an error correction? And why did it not work on me?
  4. ABBA1998

    Is there a Win 10 user settings/info folder?

    So wouldn't it be faster if i create an account sync it with my current settings and then boot to the ssd to synch it? Yea i do i have everything ready to go for the browser.. I'm alright with the manual process, it's just more time consuming and then you got Debug... but i thought i can't be the first one to face this problem so maybe there was a fast way..
  5. ABBA1998

    Is there a Win 10 user settings/info folder?

    I used Macrium Reflect... i tried to find a free way out and don't need a full year licence and after doing some research i ened up on it. But since you said that, help me out over here my HDD looks like this... That's my mistake but at the time that the HDD was created i wasn't knowledgeable enough to touch anything so all of the data is in the /C: partion by default... The thing is that the clone cannot pick windows files out , and i don't want photos, videos, games and stuff to move over to the SSD. I just need windows and any software that i often use. That's the reason i wanted to see if there is a way out of it... Should i try some other cloning software and manualy delete everyhting afterwards?
  6. So i have a new SSD. After a massive cloning failure i used the Win tool made a clean installation of Win 10 and i wonna keep my settings and info (profiles, passwords,customization) i don't feel like setting every thing up again. My first problem is the activation key, I'm pretty sure that if i use my existing one it'll say it's being used, so is there a folder that saves user settings,preferences,customization etc. that i could replace with my old one from the HDD that will carry all of it? If not what are my oprions on switching Only the Oc and the apps that i want to the ssd.
  7. ABBA1998

    Messed up on disk management!

    Ok so everything is done now it's fixed i took the windows tool made a clean install on the sdd and used it to boot and change the settings in HDD. The accidental switch that i was talking about was indeed the problem. The "active" disk partition should be the system because of the BOOTMGR... I found this article which is explaining in depth and way better than me. If you ever mess up your partitions that what to do! https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/accidentally-marked-drive-c-active.html
  8. ABBA1998

    Messed up on disk management!

    I don't but I can create one of another pc...
  9. ABBA1998

    Messed up on disk management!

    Yeap I just did I only have the HDD plugged in and I says an operating systems wasn't found
  10. Ok so I created a clone on my new ssd and I didn't quite work well... The clone completed every file was copied but it wasn't bootable, so on disk management the SSD partition was not showing active so I right clicked on it and "made it active" and after doing that I noticed that it deactivated my original HDD.... Watching that and knowing that it could mess up things I switched it back again.... Long story short the motherboard apperently cannot find an operating system in the HDD (pretty sure because of that switch) how do I fix that?
  11. ABBA1998

    Brand New 860 evo

    Yeap i realized by looking at the spec sheet, kind of sucks but still way better than HDD. Thanks a lot for your help everyone. o7
  12. ABBA1998

    Brand New 860 evo

    That would be Asus p5e
  13. ABBA1998

    Brand New 860 evo

    i thought that it had 2 sata 3 and 4 sata 2
  14. ABBA1998

    Brand New 860 evo

    Well mistakes on me everyone.... i took this one staight out of the mobos manual
  15. ABBA1998

    Brand New 860 evo

    I think it uses 5, cause of the massive "V nand" sticker on the front