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  1. I've had my PC for 2 years and all the sudden it take 15mins plus to boot with an ssd and the load for windows takes long I've tried changing sata ports and re installing cmos and takes even longer and after I log in it just goes black I think it may be a ssd failure since they are cheap drives and it wasnt treated the best but I don't have the money to go get a new drive so I have no way in my mind to trouble shoot and I've only ever had 1 semester of computers in school so I dont know to much of what to do Any questions about it or .ore info just reply please I will be checking this regularly The computer is a Rog strix Gd30Ci I7-7700 Gtx 1070 8gb 1tb hhd 128ssd windows loaded to it 32gb 2666mhz ram
  2. i dont know much about ryzen but when will they be coming out and waht will the price be like?
  3. That is only 12% for effective speed if you look at all the other categorys, the % goes as high as 44%
  4. Hi, im planning to build a pc and im wondering if anyone who built with the Nzxt h500i Has any Opinions on it, im going to be building a ryzen 5 2600x, i already have 32gb corsair vengeance 300 Mhz and a gtx 1070 8Gb and a i7-7700 (non K version) with a 1tb toshiba Hdd and SanDisk 128gb SSd i have not chose what motherboard to build with so if you have any recommendations on that. This will be my first pc build because my Current pc is prebuilt. (Sadly) i has been a good pc for around a year and half now but i want to step up my Editing and have a good gaming rig. i have 2 monitors 1 Acer Gn246hl 24' 1920x1080, and a random 2nd monitor 1280x1024 720p with Logitech Keyboard and Deathadder mouse with a blue snowball mic and razer Kraken v2 headset i am new to building pc so if i messed up or missed anything please dont curisfy me my budget is around 1000$ CAD - 754$ USD
  5. I Play video games/Video editing and with my cpu right now it takes bout 15 mins to render a 10 min video in 1080p an i want to upgrade to make my efficiency for producing videos alot better, i have not had any problems with my gpu thats why i did not go for a upgrade on that, and since i bought a prebuilt the cooling and cable management is Terrible
  6. It's not the i7-7700k it's the non k version https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-7700-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600X/3887vs3956
  7. I am planning to setup a new pc after having my current one for about a year and a half now I currently have a i7-7700 Gtx 1070 corsair 32gb Ram @ 3000Mhz 1tb Hdd 128Gb ssd (it was a prebuilt) sadly. But I've been looking and I have some specs (not all) I would want to put together for my first build, ryzen 5 2600x Take out and use my 32gb ram and gtx 1070 and a 550w gold+ Psu 500gb ssd and 2tb Hdd and the ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC motherboard. Any thoughts? Opinions, pros,cons? And the Nzxt 500i, I think that's what it's called case (trying to keep my budget under 1000-1200 if needed) (system is for gaming/editing videos/2 monitor setup/I'm upgrading because I am not happy with looks/performance of my current build and I just want to learn how to build and have the performance for my tasks)