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  1. Is this cooling can handle OC ryzen 5 2600 4Ghz? i play in room where there is no AC
  2. i'm sorry i dont have pc, i will buy pc 3 more days. i'm newbie i just need suggestion
  3. Should i buy a new air cooler for Ryzen 5 2600 (Stock) for better performance ? Or just stock cooler? i dont have skill about oc and maybe i just using stock clock, i will buy new pc 19 July
  4. it is my first build, and this pc for fps gaming, like R6, Apex, etc yeahh i think so, that's why i asked about it
  5. im planning build pc, what combo should i buy? note : my budget is limit, and maybe i will upgrade after 1 year
  6. of the two combos, which combo is the most best perfomance for gaming with refresh rate monitor 144?
  7. is this memory a recommendation? for ryzen, and maybe i will oc this memory on mobo msi b450
  8. So i want to buy new graphic card, what the best performance graphic card? (Game For FPS, AAA)
  9. So i want to buy new Ram KLEVV DDR4 BOLT X Series 3200MHz (2X4GB), can this memory run in mobo Asrock b450m-hdv (just plug & play and run 3200)?
  10. Cooler Master MWE 450 Seasonic S12II-450 EVO 450W Cougar STX 450
  11. In case : Processor : Ryzen 5 1600 (Maybe OC) VGA : RTX 2060 RAM : 2x4GB Klevv Bolt X Include 4 Fan, 1 SSD, 1 HDD Is 450 watt good enough?
  12. In my country theirs have the same price, and maybe i will use AB350M-HDV or B450M-HDV from Asrock for upgrade to Ryzen 5 in 1 years
  13. I planning to build new PC, but i'm still confused about CPU i will use. What should i choose 2200G or 1200 ? My plan i will use RX 570, and this PC for gaming like R6, Overwatch, Apex Legend, and GTA V Budget 500 - 520 dollar