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  1. Been stress testing my server to hell and back for the past couple of weeks as it has been seeming to be unstable. With half my RAM installed, it's been running Prime95 for a couple of days. When I get home I'll see if it's still alive and if it is, you may get the longest Prime95 run on here.
  2. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox EVGA is the ultimate best. ASUS, Gigabyte, and Zotac are good as well. PNY, I am not sure about. If you are looking for black with no RGB, try ASUS. They provide a lot of black cards. As I am not shop/price-worthy outside the USA.
  3. Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher Make sure in the bios you have it set so that each cpu core can have its own frequency and that it isn't all set the same. The turbo / speedstep feature allows you to run at a higher frequency on some cores while they other cores stay at normal or even a lower frequency so lightly threaded applications run faster on those higher frequency cores. Edit: Also make sure the high performance power plan is set.
  4. If you always wait for the "next best thing" you'll never get anything. Personally I wouldn't bother with the X versions, XFR auto overclocks and gets my 2600 at the very least to 3.9ghz on all cores but it does spike up to 4.3ghz on all cores when needed.