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  1. Iskor12

    The GPU Overclocking Database

    MSI 2070 Gaming Z, with a stock cooler and Bios. Boost Clock is 2070Mhz constant boost (1830Mhz stock) Voltage 1.037V (stock) Temp 64c (max with custom fan curve) VRAM is at 8250Mhz (+1250Mhz) Sadly hitting the power limit at 111.1%. During tests I saw an improvement with the VRAM all of the way through till +1250Mhz, then it starts to plateau at about 1300mhz. 3DMark Time Spy 1.0 Results
  2. Iskor12

    Samsung Phones Not Working Under Water?

    This whole thing makes be chuckle. I've recorded with both my GS8+ and my GS9+ underwater in a pool with no issues at all, granted it was for less than 30 min at a time. At the same time, just because you "Can" do something with a device...doesn't mean that you should.
  3. Iskor12

    ISP Charging Fee for Customer-Owned Equipment

    I also work for an ISP in the usa. We definitely don't charge for Modem/wifi rental if you are using your own equipment.
  4. Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4Ghz and 2666Mhz ram Test was ran while running teamviewer remote connection.
  5. Iskor12

    Cinebench R20 released

    Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4Ghz and 2666Mhz ram Test was ran while running teamviewer remote connection.
  6. Iskor12

    Games Stuttering

    This is the card that I have. MSI RX 580 Armor 4GB OC The only thing that I noticed with the most recent driver is that my OC that I previously had stopped running stable.
  7. Iskor12

    Games Stuttering

    Honestly I'm at a loss. I too am running a RX 580 4GB model, but have a ryzen 2600 with 16gb ddr4. Last driver update went ok for me.
  8. Iskor12

    Games Stuttering

    I was not expecting ddr 2 or a cpu from q3 of 2013. Honestly, everything in my head is pointing to this being the issue, but i'm not able to test that for myself to confirm.
  9. Iskor12

    Games Stuttering

    Is this happening with all games or certain ones? Also, what is your cpu and how much ram do you have?