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  1. I have G430 and updated LGS software. I knoticed alot when I listen to youtube music. My volume is at 100% with the mixer open to watch the green level bars. They only go up about 50%, I thought i fixed it by going into the sound settings and changing Quality to FM Quality (green bars went to 100% and music was louder), noticed that my LGS wasn't working (sliders). I did the sound troubleshooter and it got LGS working again (green bars were still at 100%). Until the next video then everything was back to 50% green bars and quieter. What is going on?
  2. Thank you. I will uninstall and install it on my SSD.
  3. I am running into 5+ min load times when fast traveling, going in and out of buildings. I only have 1 mod "Faster EXP" for a 2nd play through. I play on Ultra settings 720p. My system specs are I7-4790K "standard clock", 32GB DDR3 1866Mhz, R9 290X Lightning, 1TB Seagate 7200RPM with OS on a 256GB Samsung 850 Evo. Would trying to free up some space and putting FO4 on my SSD help? Or lowering my graphics help?
  4. DIdn't think about that, I will give it a shot.
  5. I have had a G430 for a long time and everything was working fine. I got on my computer the other day and was going to turn up the bass slider in the "logitech gaming software". None of my EQ sliders nore Surround sound settings change the sound. Anyone have any idea? I have tried changing ports and nothing.
  6. I have monitor 1 Landscape flipped 1600x900, monitor 3 is 1600x900, TV is 2. When move between 2/1 or 2/3 its fine but when I try to move between 1/3 it gets stuck unless I like slam it up/down. Any ideas how to make this smoother and easier?
  7. My 10 year old wants a computer to play a few games, mostly Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League and browser games. I have a old FX-6300, 16GB of DDR3, and a 550W psu. He needs a GPU. He mows our neighbors yard to earn some $$$. He has saved up about 80$. I was looking around for a GPU for him. Would a GT 730 2GB 128-Bit DDR3 be good enough for those games until he starts to play something needing a upgrade?
  8. Ok thank you for the info. I will keep it at native.
  9. Just got a 32" LG 32LJ500B 720p LED TV for my PC. It says that the native resolution is 1366x768 60Hz. Will it hurt any quality to raise the resolution to like 1920x1080 or even 2560x1440. Not very knowledgeable with monitors or TVs. Or should I keep it at native?
  10. I found a bundle deal AMD Ryzen 5 3600X and RX 5700 8GB for 559.98$ and I was looking at the B450 Mobas and it says they only support 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen. Says that the 3600X is 3rd gen. Would that work?
  11. Ok, I'm not very good with knowing what moba's to get. I will look into that and the GPU. I use 32GB of ram because I play a few games that use 16GB++
  12. I currently have a Intel i7-4790K stock. 32GB DDR3 1366Mhz, Asus Maximus Formula VI, AMD R9 290X Lightning and a Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo. I'm looking upgrade for max of 1K$$. I was checking % of better parts for DDR4. I found some I thought would be better but not sure if it will make a huge differance. Parts I found: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 199.99$ Moba: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus 169.99$ Cooler: be quite 250W TDP Dark Rock Pro 4 89.90$ GPU: MSI Radeon RX590 Armor 8GB 189.99$ RAM: G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 300Mhz 94.99$ (Two packs for 32GB total) I also have a corsair RM850X watt psu.
  13. All my games are installed on the HDD. I will try that program out, I just picked up the HDD about 2 months ago.
  14. I got onto my pc today to do some gaming, I tried Crossout, Thief, State of decay 2, far cry 5. They would either just sit on black screen for 10+ min or when I click the screen it would say not responding. My system specs are i7-4790K, 32GB DDR3 1866Mhz, r9 290x 4gb, 250GB Samsung SSD (BOOT), 1TB seagate 7200rpm HDD (games). Is this a hardware or software issue?
  15. He build a mini - ITX build and has AZZA Z csaz-103 case.
  16. He plays ARK on High not Epic(Max) settings at 1080p, he is getting some high temps and wants to know if they are o.k. I7-8700K w/ Corsair Hydro H50 120mm getting 72c- 80c GTX 1080 78c to 85c.
  17. Ok thank you everyone. Im getting 5 new 140mm fans for my case and didn't know because the mobo has 4 pins and the fans i want are 3 pins.
  18. Simple question. Can a 3 pin case fan work in a 4 pin on a Asus Maximus Formula VII.
  19. Ok, thank you. I didn't know or not, I used to run a GTX 550 TI but think its dead.
  20. I have some old computer hardware, I was wondering if I could use this motherboard, cpu, and ram with NO graphics card. Motherboard: ECS A960M-M4 (1.0) AM3+ AMD 760G HDMI Micro ATX AMD CPU: AMD FX-6300 Ram: 8GB DDR3 1333 I have a older power supply out of a like "walmart" computer, thought maybe I could use it since I don't need to power a graphics card.
  21. Ok sorry about that. Anyways, I have a Asus Maximus VII Formula motherboard. I'm new to overclocking and I used the EZ setting in bios, is there a way to reset to base clock? Not sure if it was ok or not, ill post pics of it.
  22. Ok. I will give it a try. I have a question not for this forum, but wondering if you could help. Seen you posted on some of my other threads, would that be ok?
  23. Hello, I have a question. I have a 4 year old 290X Lightning Edition that runs around 50C to 52C at idle and seen as high as 86C to 90C under full load at stock speeds. Is that good or bad? I have read that some people replace the thermal paste on them. Would it be worth doing that and will it harm it in any way? I didn't know if my idle temps are too hot and I need to reapply or not. I have 2 intake fans on the front of my case and 2 exhaust fans. Also I read that the lightning light on the side is suppose to go from green to red depending on power draw, mine is always red, does that even matter really?