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    i7 8750 H temperature issues

    Thanks for the answers. Here are some real world readings. When using my audio software with a couple virtual instruments the temperature was from around 75°C degrees to 93°C with cpu utilization at around 60%. When building lighting in unreal the temperature went from 82 to as high as 97°C. On idle the temperature is from 46 - 55
  2. Linx182

    i7 8750 H temperature issues

    Just got a new P52 - i7 8750H nvidia p1000 . Have a few questions regarding cpu temperature, hope some one more experienced can clarify. I ran xtu and noticed that the cpu temperature is quite high under load. While performing cinebench the temperature was around 90- 97 °C and thermal throttling was a yes. The multicore score was 942 single core 158 and open GL 112 fps. During the xtu stress test the temperature was roughly the same and thermal throttling. So I undervolted the cpu, got stable results at -0.160 (I ran a few stress tests, prime 95 for a couple hours, exported a few heavy projects in premiere pro). After undervolting, cinebench scores improved significantly around 1200 multicore, 171 single core, 126 opengl. But the temperatures remained the same , above 90°C. During the xtu stress test the throttling was gone and cpu temperature was from 75 to 80°C. On idle the temperature stays between 50 - 60°C. After that i ran the audio software with two 1080p monitors (I work with video) a midi controller and loaded a relatively heavy session. The temperature hovered from 78 to 98°C the whole time I had the monitors connected. The cpu clocked at around 3.8 GHz. I also got different cpu utilization readings in xtu and task manager 44% in xtu and 78% in task manager. Ive read tha most 8th gen cpus are prone to high temperatures but im worried about the cpu running so hot. How dangerous is running the cpu on 90 degrees? I'd really appreciate it if someone would help me make sense of these readings