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  1. Sir Glacius

    Advice about building my own NAS

    I have no experience with FreeNas but there are a ton of guides out there. I plan to keep the original data as well for a couple of months so i have time to learn how the software works. Worst case scenario i mess it all up, call it an "adventure" and just start over If you have any tips however they are always welcome.
  2. Sir Glacius

    Advice about building my own NAS

    Sorry for not being clear on the use case. I need a lot of long term storage for video and photos. To start with 3 8TB drives in Raid 5 will give me 16TB but that will be expanded to 8 drives over the coming years. I haven't found a NAS that can do this for under 800$. And yes i am aware that is over 1500$ in drives that's why i am planning to add the storage in stages.
  3. Sir Glacius

    Advice about building my own NAS

    Hey Guys, I want a nas for backups and long term storage for me and my family. Since buying a nas is very expensive i am considering throwing together a cheap system and use that instead. For example something like this: Motherboard: ASRock A88M-G/3.1 (it has 8 SATA ports and it's cheap) $75 Processor: AMD Athlon X4 840 $40 Power Supply: Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 400W $35 Ram: 16GB DDR3 stick with ECC $75 Cables & case: $35 Total price: +/- $260 As you probably guessed i do have some questions: Am i overlooking something that explains the $500 between something like this and a prebuild nas? Should i spend a little more and get better hardware? Is there a reason why i shouldn't use Surveillance drives instead of the more expensive NAS drives? Do you have any software suggestions? (I hear FreeNas works well) I want to start with 3 or 4 drives in RAID 5 and add more drives later is that possible with the software? What happens if my boot drive or motherboard dies? Can i recover data? All feedback is very welcome thank you! Edit: Total storage capacity will be around 16TB to start off but i will probably need to expand that to 50+ over the coming years. Add in redundancy and the price of the hard drives and it seems a lot more economical to build something my self that can be expanded with up to 8 drives than buying a NAS for this capacity.