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  1. Hi Hall, Synology DS918+ with 2 X 10 TB drives and setup with SHR 1. I'm thinking of adding another drive. Obviously, the more space the better, Especially as I have DSLR RAWs and movie library with Plex. Thing is: adding a 14 TB drive will only give me 10 TB worth of free space as SHR 1 always make the bigger drive the RAID one. Do I bite the bullet and get a 14 TB (effectively adding 9.1 TB of free space now and than smile that the NEXT time I add a 14 TB drive, 14 TB will be freed? Or do I go for the cheaper 10 TB drive? Storage gets cheaper every day but if I run out of bays, buying the extension or a new, more powerful NAS will be even more expensive. I'm currently sometimes experiencing lack of power for Plex transcodes. Currently have about 3.x TB free out of 9.1 available. Thanks,
  2. I'm no expert... I see the HGSTs are doing OK? Are Reds better by a significant margin? I get they are quieter...
  3. I realize that, however, the 7,200 RPM HGSTs are listed with a higher transfer speed then the 5,400 RPM Reds. So, I take it, in a way RPM relates to transfer speed?
  4. So, you are saying that I\m not getting the full 7200 RPM transfer speed from the HGSTs due to the 1 Gbit connection? I think 1 Gbit would give 125 MB/s? If I recall correctly, I have seen that on my NAS.
  5. So, I have two HGST Deskstar NAS with 10 TBs each running SHR-1 in a 4 bay NAS (DS918+). I now have less than 3 TB free. Based on speed and reliability, which disks should I get? 14 TB disks are expensive and since, I'm running SHR-1, a 14 TB would be the new raid disk due to its larger capacity. In other words, I would get 10 TB extra but would be paying for 14 TB. On the other hand, the next time I would get the full 14 off the next disk. It's expensive, however, would maybe save me from getting the extension bay. What do I go for? Do I get WD Ultra, WD Red Pro? Heard much bad about Seagate so prefer to stay away from those. I use my NAS as a Lossless 1080 and 2160P MKV Plex server, music library (lossless flac files) and Photo library (DSLR RAW photos and thinking about getting a Nikon D850 which is putting out 100 MB RAW Files due to its 45 MP sensor).
  6. Hi all, I've been re-coding some of my Blu-ray MKV files from VC-1 to H264. I have an I7 9700K 8 core CPU capable of Intel Quicksync but this option is greyed out / not sellectable in Handbrake. I have my BenQ monitor connected by DP. Could this have something to do with it? I can select Nvidia NVEC just fine Thanks,
  7. A restart (not reinstall) of I-CUE was all that was needed. I'll get back to you if I experience more problems. Thanks,
  8. Hi all, I feel a bit stupid, however, I can't switch the DPI settings of my mouse. In the I-CUE software, I can see the different DPIs and also select a std. I can also see that, by deafult, the center button is supposed to switch DPI but this does not work. When I manually select the changes in I-CUE the colour of my RGB doesn't change either. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to activate something or make some changes to the button layout in order for it to work? I'm on Windows 10 with the newest updates installed and the firmware for the mouse and I-CUE itself is also updated. Thanks,
  9. Hi all, My new system is due to arrive at my door on Friday. Included with the system is a code for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. However, which FPS do people prefer. I know CS GO is big (although, perhaps only with competative gamers), however, I have always found CS to be a bitrepetitive in the long run (2 hours). I'd like a FPS with some historical accuracy / elements to it? BF 1? Also, I want to get FM 2019. Does anybodyt know of a good place to get the game inexpensively and still good? I have found websites selling FM keys much cheaper than Steam itself, however, it seems that such keys often come with a certain ammount of buyers having had bad experiences? Keys that have expried(?), not worked or been pre-activated? Is Steam the best (read: most reliable and safest) for a good buying experience or are there sites selling just the same, reliable (non-expiring keys) as Steam? Thanks,
  10. Does it carry out Defrag et. Al. automatically? Or can I setup a schedule?
  11. For anti-virus and malware, I have a subscription with Bitdefender total security so this shouldn't be a problem. I was thinking more along the lines of cleaning remenants of apps, disk defragmentation, registry cleaning and so on...