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    PC Building, Streaming, Video Games, Football, Family(not in that order)
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    I am a 29(almost 30) year old Dad from NC who lives in Texas. I have been a huge PC enthusiast since I was 13 and since then I have built a few computers here and there and learned quite a bit from Linus and others.

    By day, a teacher and by night, a streamer.
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    i5-3570k OCed @ 4.2ghz
  • RAM
    16gigs of DDR3
  • GPU
    GeForce 670

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  1. AmpedUpDad

    Best Headphones Under $100

    Thank you! Again... my bad. =\
  2. AmpedUpDad

    Best Headphones Under $100

    Thanks! My bad, guys.
  3. AmpedUpDad

    Best Headphones Under $100

    Wait. This is the wrong forum. MODS HELP!
  4. AmpedUpDad

    Best Headphones Under $100

    I am getting my next payout from Twitch and would like to replace my terrible "wireless" headset with a new pair of wired headphones. I am pretty much on the outside looking in as far as audio tech goes, since I keep up with PC components and that's about it. So here's what I'd like: It doesn't need a mic, as I have a blue yeti. They do need to have good sound quality(good bass and clarity) and durability(I have a 2 year old who may get ahold of them at some point). Some form of noise cancelling would be nice, but I won't freak out if it doesn't as long as it sounds good. Thanks in advance. Y'all are awesome.
  5. AmpedUpDad

    Twitch Stream Settings

    I am using NVENC. As far as usage goes, I can't quite remember, but it didn't seem like it was getting over 40%.
  6. AmpedUpDad

    Twitch Stream Settings

    Alright, so I'm not sure if this is the right place on the forums to post this, but I am needing some help. I am a part time Twitch streamer and I could use a little help with my settings on Streamlabs OBS. Recently, I did a case swap and with that case swap, I also replaced my GTX 670 with a GTX Titan X(Maxwell). Before the case swap, my stream ran decently with a few stutters here and there. After the case swap, however, my stream last night struggled to stay smooth. I did up the graphics settings on the games I was playing(plus I was playing a game I hadn't streamed before(RE2 remake)), but I didn't think it would make the stream stutter so hard. Could it now be that my cpu(i7-3570k oc'd at 4.2) was just struggling to keep up with the demands of streaming a newer game? If that's the case, what should I do as far as my setting in SLOBS be? Or what should I be setting my games to for the least stuttering possible? I do know that I need upgrade the CPU/ram/mobo, but that is only going to happen when ryzen 3000 comes out.
  7. AmpedUpDad

    a lady asked me out for a drink/movie. (ladies help please)

    Am I the only one who's read this and thinks that this could be a troll post?
  8. AmpedUpDad

    I should’ve entered into Bitwit's Pimp My Rig

    Mine was pretty bad before I did a case swap.
  9. As the title says, I did a case swap. I also got some new case fans and a new PSU, as well as replaced my GTX 670 with a Titan X(maxwell). It's not 100% finished with everything I want, but I like it. I have another case fan coming for the top and I am going to get an AIO to replace the ugly air cooler(especially since it won't let me close the side yet with how far it pokes out). I am going to get a new mobo/cpu/ram when the ryzen 3000 series comes out, but we're getting there. I should probably get a larger HDD, as well. Hope y'all enjoy the upgrade.
  10. AmpedUpDad

    Case Fans for Lian Li O11 Dynamic White

    I am honestly down with not having RGB fans, but my wife is kinda into it. I could also be down with white led ones.
  11. AmpedUpDad

    Case Fans for Lian Li O11 Dynamic White

    Yes, but I am saving some room to get a 280mm aio eventually. And one day...God willing, I will build a custom loop with 2 360mm rads. Hopefully. Got a link?
  12. Okay, so amazingly, the case I really wanted(in title) came in stock on Newegg for a freaking STEAL. Now, I am looking for some RGB or White LED case fans that are good quality and are going to work well for cooling. I want to spend 70-90 dollars. Or less, if possible. And I want a set of 3, or just....3 that I can purchase separately. Thanks y'all. Edit: I would really like white casing, as well. To go with the white case.
  13. AmpedUpDad

    Need Case Suggestions

    I am not sure how I feel about the case being THAT open, seeing as how I have a 2 year old and another on the way. The View 71 Snow looks good. I may snag one. The Tower 900... I dunno. It's a little rich for my taste.
  14. AmpedUpDad

    Need Case Suggestions

    Okay, I really wanted a Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic White case. I really did. However, they are sold out EVERYWHERE. Also, the black ones seem to be sold out as well. So I come to you guys, looking for suggestions on cases that are similar in form and function. Good airflow, good cable managements, and enough space to potentially do a good custom water loop one day with a 360mm rad. Help. Plez.
  15. Lol. Thanks. I was lazy.