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  1. i looked into it. could only install the pdf converter for free, not an actual viewer, so sadly no. But thank you for your input:)
  2. Hey guys, it cant be that difficult, i am simply an idiot. Somehow google doesnt provide the answers i want, so i gotta ask the hivemind. what i am looking for is a simple pdf reader that stands out in two regards. 1) its not annoying. This disqualifies adobe pdf reader, as the massive option bar is always open when i open the program. 2) automatically overwrites the old pdf version once i hit ctrl + s. This also disqualifies adobe, as that always opens the "save as" path. f that. i used the old edge browser because of those two reasons for the longest time. It obviously sucked as a browser, but it worked wonders in just not pissing me off. Sadly, with the update to the chromium based edge everything sucks there as well. cant just hit ctrl + s anymore and also....the fucking table of content is gone...i checked the edge associated forums and...welp...they just forgot to implement it. Not just does the browser no longer have a distinct window on the left to show you the chapters, it also excludes the chapters from the actual text. so there is simply no access to the table of content. needless to say that i require another program that is capable of not pissing me off (a hard task, i am aware) Would love if you could recommend sth for me. The 2) is more important to me than most things as my daily job is going through papers and highlighting them. Greetings An angry dude with a reasonable hate towards pdf readers
  3. @rcmaehl It should be up to date. I use msi live update to keep it updated. @naitsyrk nice picture. Could you help me out with finding a fitting ram? I really suck with computers. Also, isnt it cheaper to get a new mobo instead? anyway, thank you for answering guys:)
  4. Heya guys, I am in dire need of your help. So, my pc has been struggling to be stable for the last 1y or so. I just recently noticed that my ram (Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 | 16GB) is only compatible with my motherboard (MSI b350 pc-mate) up to 8 GB. After removing one stick, the system immediately got stable. As you might be able to imagine by now; I need one new component. Either a new set of Ram (8 GB is simply not enough these days), or a new motherboard that supports all this. The issue: I AM BROKE AS A HOBO...and also (quite frankly) too stupid to find a mobo that is compatible. So I really rely on you guys to point out a way to get this sorted out as cheaply as possible. I do hope you have a solution/hint for me. Love you guys Greetings from Krautland Ps. All drivers are up to date; i highly doubt there is a software solution to this.