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  1. Okay so I recently built my own computer and installed Windows 10 32bit since I couldn't download 64 bit because it would always fail and now I don't have an 8GB USB anymore. 1. Graphics Display Driver is disabled by windows 2. My screen is split into 3 sections - first section starts from just after where the search usually ends then there is a smaller section next to the left of it and another section that is larger. - I'll post a picture. 3. I installed Windows 32bit but I upgraded to 64bit but in System it still says 32bit? 4. Slow CPU and iGPU performance 5. Games won't run because of missing DLL files and OpenGL isn't accelerated? 6. No sound plays through TV even though I'm using a HDMI cable and it worked with the Xbox One. I do have Wi-Fi working fine at reasonable speeds though and I'm assuming that I probably need a few more updates but Windows Update says there is no more updates available. I can also install applications but there is a roulette chance of them actually working fine. I took a screenshot and it acted as though there was no sections cut off so I am so confused as to what is going on and will greatly appreciate any help possible. Specs A8 9600 with Radeon R7 Graphics 4GB DDR4 2400MHz Asrock A320M HDV Motherboard R3.0 Kingston A400 240GB SSD 1TB 7200 HDD
  2. Thank you guys for the advice you've given me, I really appreciate it and love it when someone goes in depth and explains why people are scared of these PSUs. What I'm gonna do is find a combo that I like and go with it for now and in the near future I'll buy a more suitable power supply.
  3. I apologize but I have no chance of getting those cases and power supplies for that price since I'm from the UK but I have tried looking for those before and I'll try looking again now. I ended up with that system based on price. It is the cheapest new processor and motherboard I could find and the HDDs are from other and older computers.
  4. Is there any way to tell the quality of the PSU? If anything I would upgrade the PSU as soon as I can which will be like in a couple months time since I want to save up and upgrade to a nice build over time.
  5. Specs: A8 9600 4GB DDR4 2400Mhz Asrock A320m HDV 5400RPM HDD 7200RPM HDD I won't be overclocking or pushing the system too far and cooler master's PSU wattage calculator says I need around 180+ watts. I do understand the potential problems but I was just hoping it might work.
  6. Okay so I tried downloading to my internal storage on my phone and it worked. Thanks for the suggestions guys but it seems like all I had to was clear out internal storage since that worked even though there was seemingly enough space.
  7. I meant that the browser signed me out everytime I tried to download on the xbox. I'm using a mobile device but it's not working, it keeps getting interrupted towards the end. I also tried restarting both devices and that didn't make a difference.
  8. Okay so I'm having problems downloading the Windows 10 ISO file My Internet connection is stable and downloads at around 44 Mbps and I haven't had trouble downloading games on my Xbox that were around 70GB+ so I don't think stability is an issue. I also have 12GB of storage on my android phone's external Micro SD card and 8GB on my USB. I don't actually have a PC which is why it's kind of awkward for me to do this since it would obviously be a lot easier with one. I have tried downloading on my Xbox one but I keep getting signed out of Google and it won't download at all. I then tried Chrome, Dolphin and Firefox and so far it finishes but then says "download was interrupted" or incompleted or something along those lines. Does anyone know what else I can do? I don't understand what it's so difficult to download though I have heard there's been quite a few issues with Microsoft's services lately. Any help with be appreciated.