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  1. EternalClickbait

    Make laptop render display on dedicated GPU and passthrough to IGPU

    It's not that OBS runs on the wrong GPU, its that it physically cannot run display capture (as far as i know) when on the dgpu, becauase the display is *physically* connected to the igpu. i was wondering if there was a way to make the display connect to the dgpu instead
  2. Is there a way to force my laptop to render everything, as if the IGPU does not exist, then pass the signal through to my integrated graphics? I know Linus did a similar thing on the 'mining GPU for gaming' a while back (P-50 i think), but that was on a desktop, using the motherboard's display adapter. I would like to record my display with OBS, but to do thati have to use intel integrated graphics. I cannot set the settings as high as i would like, because the IGPU gets to 100% usage, and the whole display gets laggy. Is there a way to make windows use only my GTX 1060, and send the output to my laptop display via the IGPU (that's where the laptop display is physically connected)
  3. EternalClickbait

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    What sort of paste should I use then? As i said before, i am a complete noob at this, so what does IHS mean? Edit: is IC diamond good to use?
  4. EternalClickbait

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    So should I use TG kryonaut? Don't think my heatsink is warped, but how do i check in case
  5. EternalClickbait

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    I thought that MX-4 and thermal grizzly only gave a few degree difference, and TG is a lot more expensive. Also, will 1g be enough for the CPU and GPU?
  6. Specs: I7-7700 HQ, undervolted 140mv 16GB DDR4 GTX 1060 6GB 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD So my predator has been heating up a LOT, going over 90C on CPU and 85C on GPU when playing games, sometimes at only 50% usage. Since it is getting dangerously close to it's safe limit, and is uncomfortable to play on, I have decided to repaste it. Link to video I'll be following. I want to use this thermal paste, but I am wondering whether I should also replace the thermal pads. Since I have no clue what the **** I am doing, I'm a bit confused on whether I should replace them or not. Also, there seem to be 2 different thermal pad thicknesses (1mm & 1.5mm), do I need to buy separate thicknesses? Or should I just use the thicker ones. Also, what size should I buy, 145x145mm or 50x50mm? Thermal pads.(slightly unrelated) I have been doing quite a bit if work in AE lately, and the previews are very choppy ( 5-10 fps) at half res, sometimes dropping as low as 1fps. My GPU is barely being used, CPU @ 70% ish, and i have noticed that the disk AE is on seems to be on 100% usage. Since this is probably where the bottleneck is coming from, how can i fix it? Or at least improve it Any help would be much appreciated.