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  1. I wear gym shorts a lot, and they don't have very tight pockets so my phone slips out alot. It aslo doesn't help that i drive a lifted jeep so if my phone does fall out of my pocket it's at least a 3 foot drop.
  2. I wouldn't say you have to clean it every week but just grab a can of air blaster and and clean it out every few weeks.
  3. First of all there isn't enough information about this case yet for me to have an opinion. But here's my opinion on the current wage gap https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/04/technology/google-gender-pay-gap.html So many people complaining about the "wage gap" that companies like google start paying women more. Next thing we know these companies don't realize that they're underpaying men. Haven't heard any uproar about this on any social media. the .72 cents per dollar statistic is widely in-accurate because it doesn't account for part time vs full time labor, women typically work part time more often than men due to children. I'm all for equality and if I see it will I will side with the abused, but at this point in America we have it better than ever, but with this culture of hate it won't be for long. "Facts don't care about your feelings" - Ben Shapiro
  4. Dayumn bruh ur pretty dramatic if you really wanna play those games just turn it to medium settings. Like i'm not saying the 580 is a godlike card but its good for the money and can run most games(turned down). No need to be like nah fam I cant play on ultra delete that game.?
  5. What games are you referring to? I have an rx580 and I can Run all esports titles on 60fps ultra. I don't play triple A games so I can't comment on those. With the question of which card to get the 580 and 1660ti both have some of the best price to performance so go with the 1660ti if you have money to spare but otherwise the 580 is a great card for the money.
  6. I know the gtx1650 runs solely of pcie power. The rx570 is the same price but out performs it, with the drawback of high power draw and need of a new PSU. If you want better performance get a 500w psu during EVGA midweek madness for like $20 witht the rx570. If you don't wan't to get a new psu just get the 1650.
  7. Have you tried running a different version of the drivers.
  8. Ever heard of EVGA midweek madness. You can grab a 500w 80+ psu for $20 a lot of the time.
  9. Make sure your drivers are up to date. On my 580 it would crash and stutter on older versions of drivers.
  10. You do realize a 980ti destroys both of those. It's kinda like saying sell your 1080ti for a 2060.?
  11. Why go MXM when he's trying to go for desktop parts in a laptop gotta make it a challenge . I think you could just buy a pci riser cable and water cool the gpu with a low profile cooler. Also suggestions since you're 3D printing it some viewing windows would be pretty cool.
  12. Aslo google stradia is a concept for a system that steams through the cloud at 4k not a standalone system for 4k so you cant really compete with a cloud server
  13. I'm gonna be honest here I don't know if you can hit guaranteed 144fps on 1440p with $300. With this budget you really dont have money for a new mobo, cpu, and gpu. With just upgrading your gpu your cpu will bottleneck any higher end card. I think 144 fps is pretty unrealistic with this cpu unless you're playing something like csgo, league or fortnite. If you even have the extra cables for a gpu (prebuilt might have proprietary power supply) that doesn't run of pci power I would just get an rx 570 or 580 and just save your money for a better pc.
  14. 580/590 and the 1660 all have pretty similar price to performance so it really depends how close to the top of your budget you want to go to.?
  15. I don't think your system will bottleneck itself, but with the question of what will be more stressed during certain tasks. While gaming at 4k the gpu will definitely be more stressed and the cpu less. This is because the cpu becomes more stressed generally with more frame output, so it probably would be normal to see more of your cpu used at 1080 p or 1440p vs 4k.