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  1. Hey guys I have a system with an Asrock H97m anniversary edition and my system is running for exactly a minute then turning off. I have tried the onboard video, removing my graphics card, and still can't get it to output video.
  2. Both. I'm not particularly worried about components beyond the CPU/Board. I'm leaning toward a DDR3 setup simply because it isn't necessary to have the advantage of DDR4 memory. I'm pursuing a cost effective machine, not pure performance.
  3. I already have ddr3/4 ram, power supplies, cases, and drives I just need a mobo and cpu
  4. Sorry, I'm referring to consumer grade CPUs for a desktop machine Mobos under ~100
  5. I'm doing a project where I'm needing to run a bunch of Java machines at once and am wanting to build a separate ubuntu rig so its not clogging my normal PC. Are there any benchmarks out there for this or do y'all have any suggestions? Don't care about going used as long as there is motherboard availability