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  1. ubm3d

    HELP! New graphics card, computer pulsing on and off

    Make sure the 6+2 VGA power cables are connected to the right ports on the PSU. (try VGA1 & VGA 2, if that does not work, use VGA 3+ VGA 4 ports. even try powering your old graphic card with different ports (VGA 1-4) from the new psu to see if one ofthem is faulty.
  2. ubm3d

    Need solution for proprietary CPU heatsink mount

    jus throw some plastic washer on the underside of the board, screw the cooler on it, mount into new case, have done that with a good dozen of old h61 ( socket 1155 lenovo boards) already. they also do have some very strange mounting hardware. make sure the mobo soldering contacts do not ground with the case. all normal screws can have contact with the case, only the soldering points should not.
  3. ubm3d

    Should Linus grow a beard?

  4. ubm3d

    Awesome reballing Job

    Awesome reballing Job in Detail: Just stumbled across that awesome video on youtube. If you havent seen it yet, and love hardware - that is actually hardware porn
  5. imagine - facebook's down, what a tragedy .... +btw at least in mid europe it IS really down atm
  6. That ram was definitely not ment for the ryzen build. Neither linus nor jake would never ever use lower then 3200 for a ryzen if possible. I guess ram was already ordered when they had to switch to ryzen. ANd i would not be surprised to see those rigs with highspeed ram in the near future - also the mobos could have been choosen better + cheaper, just go with the asrock b450m or b450 steel legend. well enough for gaming + 2 x m.2 slots
  7. Shadow of the Tomb raider results with 1060 6 gb @ 1080P Raytracing set to lowest, it is actually playable - ingame the fps is a descent amount higher then in the benchmark. for details see atached images. 1060 settings:
  8. ubm3d

    Non PWM fans with PWN Hub

    if your hub supports voltage control instead of PWM you should be fine, if not - double check if you have set the actual pwm controler on the motherboard, connected to your hub is set to PWM and not to voltage. ( your hub needs pwm conection to the motherboard) - most hubs do support pwm and voltage (to the fans) - the connector to the motherboard must be set to pwm normally
  9. Justice RTX Tech Demo Technically most of the benchmark was ~8 -12 fps (end scene had 75 bcause of gsync XD ) so 22FPS AVG is way to high as there are scenes with no RTX whatsoever. Settings: RTX on @ 1080P GFX card: Zotac 1060 6gb mini maxed out ( 116% p-State set to Zero all over - max core, max memory (2100 / 4800) CPU Ryzen 5 2400 Tools used : Nvidia Profile inspector Version to set P state to allow 0 constantly (newer versions do not allow this anymore i think) Results:
  10. interesting woud be if there will be games that utilize just enough to let games running on 1080p 60 for older cards, installing it right now
  11. interesting woud be if there will be games that utilize just enough to let games running on 1080p 60 for older cards, installing it right now
  12. ubm3d

    moving windows from hdd to ssd

    Minitool Partition wizard all the way - it has a nice and free migrate function (HDD to SSD or SSD to SSD or SSD to HDD ) which works fast and secure - i think i did ~ 20 or more migration with it so far. - did not try to a raid array yet *that needs to be tested*
  13. ubm3d

    Show off your latest purchase!

    bought a pcie-mini to pciex16 adapter, playing around with a old HP DV-6 mainboard which really doesnt need the wifi module but a better GPU XD , we ll see if - or if it doesn't work
  14. ubm3d

    Ryzen 3000 series. What Ram?

    just dont forget to enable the xmp profile , if you are lucky, you might give it a 3200 for the 3000 budget model afterwards. edit: make sure not to OC the voltage too much ( i am running these settings even undervolted @ 1.33 V for ddr4
  15. ubm3d

    Ryzen 3000 series. What Ram?

    I am running a very budget g.skill aegis 3000 kit @3200 on a gigabyte budget board, its nothing for a overclocker enthusiast, but for general usage it is just fine. - i am pretty sure that i was just lucky in the silicone lottery, as it is a Hynix A-die. You might just order cheap ones, and if it doesn't fit to your needs - get better ones and return the cheap one - It has to be mentioned that generaly the motherboards do cap your capapbility to OC your Ram nicely. (same kit does not go greater 2933 on a asrock b450 board which is way more expensive then my gigabyte.)