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  1. Nobaris

    Help choosing a gpu

    I'm looking at a 9600K to 5ghz, 16gb of gskill ram. Would this be enough? If so, should I still get the 1080 ti?
  2. Nobaris

    Help choosing a gpu

    I mean, I have a 9600K in mind already, but the guy above said it won't be enough. Is this true?
  3. Nobaris

    Best Graphics Card for 1440p 144HZ?

    Then what about non aaa titles like ow or csgo? I still want to play these at 1440p 155hz, which gpu should I get? Also, not everything on high or ultra settings I can turn down to medium or low if needed.
  4. Nobaris

    Help choosing a gpu

    Then which CPU should I get? Budget is around USD300. Can max out at USD350.
  5. Nobaris

    Help choosing a gpu

    Thank you for the suggestion. What about the RTX. Vega and 5000-series cards? Some of them go for about USD700. Also, I forgot to specify that the card must be new. Other people are welcome to respond as well.
  6. Nobaris

    Help choosing a gpu

    So I’m going to have a 1440p 144hz pc (for gaming mostly) soon, and idk which graphics to get. I wanna hit at least 144fps consistently (with minimal dips) at 1440p. Games I’m playing include overwatch, csgo, osu, geometry dash, and some other similar games. I won’t be playing any aaa titles now or soon, so that’s no concern to me. Budget is ~USD700, max out at high 700s (no 800 and above). Cpu is a 9600k, if you needed that. Any other questions? Feel free to ask me. Hope you can help me choose a gpu! Thanks in advance too.
  7. Nobaris

    Mouse questions

    I must be mistaken...they don't sell mouse paracords... By brands, I'm talking about people who make them like CeeSA, Paramods or Paraflexcables. Any of these brands you have tried out before? Side question, I plan on upgrading my mousepad, what brand should I go for? (Thinking of Artisan or Qck) Also, what about mouse skates? Which brand should I get?
  8. So I’m getting a G203/G103. I plan to paracord it but I’m a real newbie to this, so here I am. 1. Which paracord brand should I go for, and which should I avoid? 2. I’m also planning to use new skates. Which brands should I buy? I’m thinking hyperglides or tiger arcs. Any other suggestions are welcome. 3. What should I look out for when paracording the mouse, as well as replacing the feet? Any precautions I should take? Any other help is really appreciated!
  9. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    Thanks, everyone! I've bought the Omega already, and it's shipping in August. Can't wait for my new chair! I'll keep this topic updated, though!
  10. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    What about comfort? Is the Omega the most comfortable chair you have sat on/used?
  11. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    I can't fit the Titan, I'm too small. Any comments on DXRacer?
  12. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    I understand. So I guess I’m getting the Omega. Any other chairs you all might suggest?
  13. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    Any downsides with the Titan?
  14. Nobaris

    Urgent question on chairs

    Alright, the context’s simple: I need a chair. Kind of need an answer/reply quick, because I am going to buy soon and has COMPLETELY NO IDEA on what to get. Needs: Doesn’t need to be a gaming chair, just something that will take care of my back when sitting for long periods (3-4hrs), so my back won’t get pain or uncomfortable. Also it must be comfy. After comfort, comes price and aesthetics. Current budget is 380-400USD, but I can compromise a little above that if the chair is real good. Would be better if it looks sleek and cool, but no fancy colours and loud tones. That’s all, if you have further questions just ask them below. Pls try to help a little, even if you are afraid of voicing your opinion, do tag someone else who could help me. Thanks! Currently looking at Secretlab Omega, I am 164cm, 45kg, rectangular/boxy body type
  15. Nobaris

    Is this build ok?

    Sure thing. PCPartPicker shows market prices, so shop prices should not dive too far from them. They may not be exact to the cent, but they serve as a fairly accurate guideline. Vega 56 is more expensive, but performs worse, as seen in many benchmarks.