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  1. ArkahmAsylym

    NAS Newb.

    So I want to expand my computer building ability and thought I'd try to build a NAS.... Now that I got the hardware working, I installed FreeNAS and am ready to set up my disks. I currently plan 6 - 3TB WD REDS in ZFS. That will give me 15TB of storage for my PLEX server. Does this mean I am stuck using 6 drives forever in that pool, unless of course I want to reformat the whole NAS? Or can I add HDD's to the pool and FreeNAS will redistribute the Data? I realize I can increase storage capacity of the drives individually (letting it rebuild after each replaced drive), but it seems like it would just be easier to fill the NAS with drives.
  2. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    Well it turns out the original EVGA PSU I was using was shorted, blowing my HDD's. I went out and bought a Corsair RM850x and viola it sees drives in the bios now. Thanks @Spotty, @Captain Chaos, @Stefan Payne, and EVERYONE else that gave me incite and information on this problem! You guys are soooo helpful, and I really mean that! Here's the picks of my build right now before cable management. Not too much to see....
  3. ArkahmAsylym

    PSU PCI-E vs CPU cables

    I might have mixed up the cables but I did confirm that the EVGA PSU was FUBAR. It was old and needed to be "recycled" anyway. I went out to Fry's electronics today and although they didn't have EVGA, I bought a Corsair RM850x that was on the sticky post as tier 1. I put it in and viola, everything is good now. EVERYONE, thanks for all the incite, information and help with this, even if it was as simple as getting a new PSU.
  4. ArkahmAsylym

    PSU PCI-E vs CPU cables

    Correct, I was using an EVGA. Unfortunately it looked like my EVGA had a short or something. I think it may have fried my HDD's. The corsair HX1050 was another PSU I had and wanted to see if it worked. The Corsair was also my test bed PSU. These PSU's are just too old. Time to brake open the bank and just buy a new one. I still firmly believe in EVGA and Corsair as good PSU's but I think I'm going to get a new Platinum EVGA 750 unless I get any other suggestions. I noticed the sticky post in the forum here and it lists them as tier 1 PSU's.
  5. ArkahmAsylym

    PSU PCI-E vs CPU cables

    1. Yes, I am the one with the 8HD failures. 2. Those are the non-modular cables connected into the PSU. (PSU is Semi-Modular) 3. This isn't the PSU I used to initially power those HDD's. Dual Xeon 2660 EP2C602 - ASROCK Rack Onboard GPU Agree, once I realized how old this PSU was I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one before trying it out. You guys seem to know what's up...any suggestions on a good 750-850W PSU? I don't need a lot of wattage for this build. I typically buy EVGA or Corsair.
  6. ArkahmAsylym

    PSU PCI-E vs CPU cables

    Ah I see it now. The PCI-E has more rounded plugs than the CPU, which are mostly square plugs. Funny thing is that the modular receptacles in my PSU are labeled PCI-E/CPU, so I would just have to use a CPU cable in that, not a PCI, correct?
  7. ArkahmAsylym

    PSU PCI-E vs CPU cables

    Hello all. Just curious to get an answer to what I think is true. Is the PSU 8-pin PCI-E connector the same voltages as the 8-pin CPU connector. I noticed they have the same plug config and it looks like the voltages are the same. The PSU I have is semi-modular and has 2 cables for PCI-E and one CPU 8-pin. I am not going to use at least one PCI-E but I have 2 CPU's. Is using the 8-pin PCI a viable option to use for the CPU?
  8. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    @Spotty Tested all of them....none working. Had a guy take one home to his working home computer and NAS, and none showed up either. Luckily they all look like they can be RMAed (within warranty) so that's what I'm going to try. I also ordered a 2TB new RED drive to check in the Server by itself. Will get it tomorrow sometime. @Stefan Payne It must be a silver then because it isn't platinum. It doesn't say silver on it anywhere. I really don't see what difference this makes, since I've read they are both good PSU's. Platinum are probably better but no one has said the "silver" isn't. Both PSU's I have (Corsair/EVGA) are listed as "not shit". If you have documentation otherwise, please post it here. I research computer parts extensively when I build a computer. I understand 3TB Reds are not the best reds but they are better than a lot of 3TB NAS drives, that's why I can't believe 8 drives were FUBAR before they were even used on first start up. As for pictures, if I can get to it, yes I can. I'm a little short on time right now. I was barely able to test the drives out.
  9. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    Yeah, the HX
  10. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    @Spotty Working on it. Life is getting in the way of troubleshooting right now, sorry. I have a guy checking a few in his computer now that used the same drive in his system.
  11. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    In my above posts I listed the PSU's I used.
  12. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    @Spotty @Captain Chaos @NelizMastr Drives are in a rackmount (4U) case but connected direct to the PSU. Checked all the power items, all are connected and good. @Mikensan I tried a 4TB seagate in the AsRock without success. It couldn't see it either. I'm new to this server thing so not sure if I need or have to boot into SATA. Would need some help going through that anyhoo.... @Windows7ge Can't see the drives anywhere, FreeNAS or otherwise. My plan was to take all the drives to a test bed today and hook them all individually to my spare PSU (known good) to see if I can get a spin up without the case fan noise. I can also feel the things to see if they give any centripetal force on power up while holding them. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by RL things today and wont be able to get to it until Saturday now . I'll post progress here after messing with them on Saturday Also I didn't think SATA NAS drives had a need/have jumpers? (Remember, I'm a NAS server NOOB)
  13. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    @SpottyI used a 750 G+ and a corsair 1050 PSU. I double checked the cable connections in the PSU and even made sure the cables were labeled correctly for the connections (LOL). Tried multiple SATA cables and even tested the PSU's with a Multi-meter at the source. I have 12/5/3V all in the correct spots.
  14. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    I think tomorrow I'm going to go through every one of the drives, one by one, and see if they show in my Windows Disk Management. Late here now so no time tonight.
  15. ArkahmAsylym

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    EVGA 750 G+ and Corsair 1050