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    wedgevic reacted to AlexTheGreatish in The Most Powerful Laptop EVER!!!   
    Do you have the latest BIOS update? Last that I heard 1 16GB stick was fine (as you said) but two are not.  Hopefully a BIOS update will fix it soon™.
    I doubt it would make a huge difference, the bigger problem is the lack of an iGPU, so the dGPU has to run all the time.  With some undervolting to the CPU and GPU I imagine you could get a fair bit more battery life, but even a 50% uplift is still just 1.5h....
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    wedgevic reacted to Streetguru in The Most Powerful Laptop EVER!!!   
    Why on earth didn't you test turning off CPU cores for more battery life if you plan to be mobile?
    like going down to 2 cores 4 threads where basic things would still be fast?
    I demand a quick follow up on short circuit.
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    wedgevic got a reaction from lithiumflame in escape key acting like play media key AND escape   
    I have a strafe rgb from corsair and ever since I updated to windows 10 ver.1909, the escape key has beenn actinng like play/pause media key
    there are no macros that are bound with the escape key
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    wedgevic reacted to aisle9 in My most painful PC Build... - ROG Rig Reboot 2019   
    I'm only 20 minutes in, and I'm convinced that this woman needs to work at LTT. Reasons:
    She's hilarious She legitimately drives Linus up a wall and he seems to love her for it She has no filter between her brain and her mouth We can see her mature into an accomplished PC builder and tech expert during the course of her tenure Ok, maybe "mature" is the wrong word. She should never mature. She has zero regard for the camera and is completely and totally confident in front of it, as if she doesn't give a fuck about its presence (I don't think she does) You'd be doing a fellow Canuck a solid by getting her out of Phoenix. Seriously, I went to college in Phoenix. That city is like the underpants catching Satan's eternal shart. Any person removed from there is another soul saved. Did I mention the hilarious lack of a filter? @LinusTech, for real, hire her. It would be the best thing to happen to your channel since you dropped that Xeon.
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    wedgevic got a reaction from Husky in Forge 1.12.2 Server not booting up   
    thanks, I figured it out, all I had to do was get he java 8 path, and I am on windows. Nice workstation btw.
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    wedgevic got a reaction from jonhyNoCash in Wine packages broken   
    oh wait, nvm. I just used lutris to install missing dependencies...
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    wedgevic got a reaction from -rascal- in Corsair K40 Raptor rgb not working   
    Thanks, worked beautifully!!!