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  1. Guys will a 450watts or 500 watts Truerated PSU power this build im kinda short on budget right now tryna build a decent low to mid gaming PC MOBO: ASUS H110m-D PROCIE: i5 7400 2x samsusng 8gb ram (16gb total) RX570 4x LED 120mm fans Dont mind the GPU installed will be changing to RX570 soon
  2. BTW any body tried using this GPU seems cheap
  3. Yes as far as i know its fake but the prices are within the ranged of the used one on the PH market
  4. Would you think this one will be enough for my setup if i reconsider getting a 1030 perhaps or 1050? i mean 2990php is not cheap here but if it will give me all i need and be sturdy enough to last i can reconsider
  5. maybe ill try to find some used 970 i think its cheaper based on PH prices
  6. i think that RX 570 will be worth more than my current PC setup right now
  7. sorry for the miss labeled PSU the brand name is not worth to mention i doubt that you ever know the brand the PSU is just rated 700watts here on the PH there are 2 types of PSU true rated PSU or the generic ones
  8. BTW guys forgot to mention im from the Philippines
  9. Guys im just wandering if you guys can give me an optimal cheapest GPU for gaming that will fit my current setup my setup is as follows: - ASUS H11M0-D mobo socket 1151 - i5 7400 - 2x samsung ddr4 ram 8gb -Deepcool ICE EDGE MINI FS V2.0 procie fan - currenty using a measly radeon r7 240 (ddr3) just for testing - will change my generic PSU to a suitable one if the GPU needs an 6 or 8 pin cable (generic 700watts psu) i want the cheapest GPU possible that can run the new games on low to med settings preferably (apex legends, Rise of tomb, Assassins creed, overwatch,pubg etc) budget kinda low now here is my Unit Picture no harsh reacs please thats all i can afford as of now. Cable management is an eye sore i know ; )