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  1. So i have this deal where i can get this for 50% off so it comes cheaper than the hs70 are the strix worth it?
  2. As said resellers are really hard and we only have the "mainstream" brands of laptops ASUS Acer msi etc etc Both laptos you recomendded are not selled here
  3. https://www.pcdiga.com/portatil-msi-15-6-gs65-stealth-8sf-047pt this was the One i was looking at So yeah in terms of resellers its really hard our best bet os "street stores" the ones in the malls just make stupid prices
  4. Im from Portugal in terms of budget max 2k€ weight just want to keep light under 2kg of possible batery life is not very important Will be allways pluged in so not a big deal
  5. So i want to buy a laptop and this One is the best that i can find in terms of specs/weight (big deal) i7-8750H with an RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 With only 1.9kg and discount going for 1999€ what worrys me the most is the build quality is for college so i Will travel alot with him and the "reverse" board making upgrades a little hard (but i could try to make the store upgrade it for me i guess) i was also looking for the ROG Strix SCAR II 15.6" GL504GW with the same specs a bit cheaper(1700€)but it weights a Litlle more what do you guys recomend (i cant buy the Razer blade ) again weight and performance would be a big deal im in videogame development so i really want a portable and pretty good laptop
  6. right now in my country the g900s is the same price and more expensive than the pro
  7. compared to the 130€ for the pro
  8. i cant buy from Amazon in store the g403 is 80€
  9. i was looking for others wireless mice like Logitech G403 do you think the price diference is worthed?
  10. and do you experience any lag or something like that?
  11. I need to buy a new "gaming" mouse but i also need a wireless mouse to use on my laptop when i travel and i did some researche and found that the logitech g pro is great for gaming one of the best gaming mouse out there so i wanted to know if i should buy or buy a cheaper gaming mouse and a cheap wireless for travel
  12. Ricoxico

    Razer nommo

    thank you guys for the information and i tried to find some good speakers but in my country we dont have any good ones right now what we have that is actually good would be the nommo or the logitech g560 but thats too expensive
  13. Ricoxico

    Razer nommo

    Any thoughts on this? Thinking on buying it I want something good and "light" I own a Logitech 5.1 but is too much want something more simple (cleaner)
  14. Really thank you for your time and effort to helping me