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  1. Damn, still reaching low 90's playing Apex Legends, it did not reach 100% utilization and it stayed at 3900mh. Over 90C is not good right? edit: these values are recorded inside the game using MSI Afterburner (RivaTuner) ON AC, it seems i can push underclock to -130mv on core and cache. any other tips to keep the temp at bay? lower 80s while gaming? Perhaps, a way to max the fan speed while gaming? How do I do that, if thats possible?
  2. Ok, i already reset the values for iGPU. set core and cache to -125mv for AC and no BSOD so far. I downloaded AIDA64 and run a system stability stress test and tried to observe if its throttling. Sadly it is. Based from the graph, im getting CPU Throttling (max 5%) and i observed task manager too, core speed dropped down to around 3.20 mhz from a brief 3.90mhz. Also from ThrottleStop app the Throttle radio button has light, does it means the cpu is throttling? Though, cpu temps came down to high 70s - mid 80's while gaming Sekiro. I was reaching 90's before undervolting. I thought by undervolting it will remove cpu throttling? Sorry not really very familiar, just read and watched few videos, please educate me.
  3. thanks for the suggestion. i already changed to 0 on AC and 180 on battery. I lowered intel GPU to -50mv. cpu core still at -125mv and lowered cache to -100mv on both ac and battery profiles. ill try to observe.
  4. Hi guys, So I've tried throttlestop and undervolting my 7588. But I get occasional BSOD specially when on battery. (actually got 1 while typing this). i have read through reddit, and watched youtube videos doing undervolting on their 7588, i understand that every device is different but it seems safe to say that -125 is a safe value? but i still get BSOD and still thermal throttling. My main concerns is to get a better battery life while on battery (we get daily power outage (2-3 hours!) in my city) and was hoping to get better thermals when plugged in and gaming. Does anyone have thoughts about this? Any tips? I'm new to this undervolting thing. Here are some screenies:
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! Seems like i should stay away from zenbook laptops.... though it really looks gorgeous. Tbh, thinkpad are kinda my last option, it screams kinda very professional look for me and it doesnt have dedicated gpu? and i dont get the red track point? is that what its called? But nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion, i will check with the local lenovo if they have this unit.
  6. Hi there @bigmoney, Good day to you! I see that you have a dell xps 15, ive been looking into that laptop for quite some time now, planning to buy very soon. But got some couple issue. It seems that xps 15 lineup has some issues, its detailed in this post (if not allowed to post links, please inform me so i can remove). Have you experience these issues? This is my first time spending 130,000 PHP (USD 2488.98). My hard earn money, so im a bit cautious.
  7. Hi guys! Im new here, but been a fan of LTT. I need some genius expert mega help. So, as the title says, i am looking for a laptop. It's been almost 2 months of reading reviews, watching unboxings, and digging issues on reddit. But I still don't have a fix decision on what unit should I get. My budget is around 100,000 PHP (~$2000). To give you how the market is in my country(Philippines), here are some of the laptops that I am looking into: 1. Dell XPS 15 (i7 - 1050ti - 16gb RAM - 512 SSD - 4k touch) == ₱129,999 (US $2488.96 if converted as of today) @ local store 2. Asus Zenbook UX533FD (i7 - 1050 - 16gb RAM - 1TB SSD - 1080p) == ₱87,885.27 (US $1682.65) @ newegg 3. Lenovo X1 Extreme - not available locally. 1-2 month preorder from local store So i have a thing to premium slim laptop with good design. Here's are the issues now. Apparently XPS 15 is bugged down with issues like DPS, wifi card, CPU and GPU throttling, etc etc, more on reddit. Then the zenbook has known issues with it's touchpad going crazy and some reporting its heating more than normal. What do you think guys? Should I go for XPS 15 and ignore the issues? and hope that i get a unit with very less issues? gamble? or go with zenbook - cause itsss dayyymmm beautiful - and ignore touchpad issue? or try to look for an available seller for the lenovo? Or should I look into other laptops? Like Gaming laptop (problem is the battery life)? Can you name some? So I can look into it. My use cases will be; Work - Sheets, Emails, Small photo/vid editing Game - mid to high 1080p. I only game like once or twice a week. 5-10 hours. Leisure - programming, and showing off at my local coffee shop (i will need good battery life for this, for long lasting bragging, jk). If this is not allowed here, I am very sorry, please notify me so i can remove. Thank you in advance!