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  1. Hello, I just bought Behringer XENYX Q802USB Mixer and after it arrived I noticed the power supply is 120v and Im living in middle east and we using 220v here. My question is can I use 220v power supply on that mixer or its designed to work on 120v only and where I can find the 220v power supply Online Thanks.
  2. I can't RMA the card because I did replace the thermal paste and opened the card I will stick with underclocked settings until I afford a new card
  3. It's seems the factory oc isn't stable anymore
  4. I've set the mhz back to auto and set the voltage to +24 and the GPU crashed again
  5. I tried to underclock the gpu -90mhz gpu clock and -100 mem mhz and moved the volt up +6 mv it's seems fixed That's mean its GPU issue?
  6. I tried to run it on only one ram stick and same problem I have EVGA GTX Titan x sc , How much should I underclock the gpu? Thanks for reply
  7. Also I did benchmarking and stability stress and they went fine only gpu and pc crashing when playing games
  8. Hello, My pc last 3 days crashing on every game , I tried everything changing ram slots, flashing bios , updating graphics and pc drivers , updating windows, and I still get blackscreen after 5 minutes or more when running any game the screen goes black and game sound keep looping and after some minutes the game crash and I get notification on windows saying the application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware . Here's my pc specs : https://valid.x86.fr/6r9ctp Thanks