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  1. What driver are you on? There's a known issue on certain driver version that the gpu reporting is way off
  2. "Accidentally" or gigabyte being dicks because they probably got mass hate mail for not having cards in stock 5 minutes after release
  3. I saw a chipset driver in Asus site with Ryzen 4000 support for my x470 strix so it stands to reason Gigabyte wouldn't let Asus show them up
  4. For best results download the new driver first,then disconnect the internet restart in safe mode go from there
  5. I had a similar issue on an older Nvidia, turned out to be a corrupted driver, download "ddu" to totally remove your current driver and download install a fresh one
  6. I'm not sure about the 5500 but check and see if it has a second bios switch
  7. Alrighty those of us Navi users know the dreaded driver issues,some experience them some don't but if your experience is one of these following symptoms I found a trick that works for me. Symptoms: micro stutter(not intermittent like hardcore), unstable clockspeed(normal in menus and all else dropping way low,can cause stutter and other nasty) Now the neat trick that sofar has seemed to solve all my performance woes is as follows. Enabled GPU scaling, enabled VSR and run the game one standard resolution setting higher than (your monitors) native resolution, and somehow through infinite AMD driver wisdom all issues become null NOT perfect but soooomuch better. Let me know if you try this and if you're experience is improved or not
  8. I was wondering if PCMark 10 if this is a good utility to measure real world performance of a system or if it's otherwise useful ,$5.00 seems pretty good deal
  9. I've had the same WD blue drive for almost ten years now,four systems later still a champ
  10. Oh also side note, some plugins, particularly ones that have high res real time audio wave form and or spectrum monitoring are infact GPU accelerated,if your CPU is choking because of one of these plugins dive into the settings of that plugin and see if it has GPU acceleration enabled to take load off the CPU, it doesn't hurt to upgrade that 770 GPU you have because alot of audio plugins make use of Cuda and or stream processor's, and don't forget to enable multi core support for your plugins AND in your daw
  11. Crashing Daw could be alot of things but most of the time it's corrupted program files or poorly made third party plugins, if you still get crashes with that i7 open up task manager and see what's eating up the most memory and or cpu, if it only says your Daw is eating up resources one by one remove third party plugins from the project and watch the task manager until it drops to somewhere normal,then you'll know what's misbehaving,from there you can try updating that plugin or see if that company has a forum like this place and ask them about similar issues,alot of the good plugin companies have active friendly forums like LTT, if you use FL studio or actually even if you don't use it I would start in there forum,there always someone who can help
  12. Wouldn't be crashing due to core parking, program files corrupted or tomany instances of the same plugins can cause crashing, if your using cracked software or some independent free plugins could cause crashing, some plugins are really CPU intense like nexus or omnisphere, reaktor and such so if you run alot of instances of those in a complicated project ,have a weak CPU and alot of background software running that has nothing to do with music can crash it What Daw do you use?
  13. When you use this tool if you see little spike every 30 second or so that's fine aslong as it still within green, if you get big spikes well into yellow you have some background process behaving badly and should check what's running in task manager now if your seeing steady in the yellow it's because your CPU cores are parking and you have things like amd cool n quiet enabled, turn that crap off we're here to make music not save energy lol
  14. https://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml Then download this tool,it's free