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  1. Probably gonna stick with regular mouse at first. Another question though, team vulcan memory does not show price and is 2 x 4gb ddr4 better than 1x 8gb ddr4?
  2. I had a friend who used the i think it was razor mouse, tried to use it, too much damn buttons and this weird multi color flashing was disorienting
  3. I will most definetly look into this. Can not thank you enough!
  4. This was very helpful. Thank you very much! Also have to note, i like the price aswell
  5. Hi, Bear with me, english isn't my mother language. So to keep it simple and as short as possible, I'm going to move in a few months and have the ability to save some money and i too am trying to build a pc. My first decent one atleast. My budget is fairly limited but stretchable so looking for most bang of my buck and future upgradability. Stretchable budget means i don't have to buy all the parts at once and also +- 150-200 euros. 1. Budget & Location Budget is 500 euros +- 150-200 euros. Location : Europe. 2. Aim Gaming. AAA, maybe some recording videos and more than 30 fps (coming from console). 3. Monitors Firstly planning to run 1 monitor, definetly adding more in the future. Resolution wise i am stuck. Don't really know what to look for optimal results. Sort of a paralysis by analysis here. 4. Peripherals I do need to purchase all the needed peripherals. Including OS Windows. 5. Why are you upgrading? Coming from xbox one gaming i realised that buying new expensive games and having to throw monthly xbox live gold money isn't going to do for me in the long run. Been an xbox one owner from whenever it came out and 10 euros a month + some games is not good espescially when newer games start to perform sluggishly. Even bought a 50 euro mypassport external ssd because my low gig xbox was full. I do not have any case preferences, i don't care about RGB, twinkling lights or other bling. Thanks, Ph