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  1. Simonp1080

    DUNKED ‘N Overclocked?

    I think you are talking about the ‘can you Plasti whole PC?’ Video
  2. Simonp1080

    DUNKED ‘N Overclocked?

    Should Linus waterproof a pc and DUNK it in water? That would be cool
  3. The “new” IPad 9.7 6th generation
  4. Simonp1080

    What are the specs?

    This laptop still works to this day
  5. Simonp1080

    What is the oldest PC you consider still useful?

    Well the oldest pc I have that I consider useful is my Toshiba Satillite L300D from 2005
  6. Simonp1080

    this big fan...

    It plays LTT in full HD
  7. Simonp1080

    this big fan...

    This fan sounds like a Dc 10 At full throttle at full speed! Toshiba Satillite L300D ( mobility Radeon 1300 graphics, dual core 1.9 ghz (overclocks to 4.0) Athlon 64 X2, 1gb dual of (800mhz ddr2 ram, 160gb hdd. is it obsolete?
  8. Simonp1080

    What are the specs?

    To make it easier, here is the motherboard and the cpu socket
  9. Can someone identify and share specs, that would be great. ps: that cpu is in my laptop (Toshiba Satillite L300D)