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  1. Hello, I would like to OC my i7 6700 non k, I know that I have to do something with BCLK clock . I did some research and I found that i have to downgrade to 1301 BIOS version. Is that method still working , i heard about some microupdates from intel and someone told me that it is not be able to flash that bios or something like that. Maybe has someone done it already on that MB? Im asking because i found this MB for cheap price and i'm wondering about purchasing. Yours sincerely.
  2. HI, I'm completely new to OC and I would like to OC my i7 6700 non k . I'm wondering what MB I have to purchase, I would also like to know what are the consequences of OC non k CPU. Is something works wrong beacuse of that ? What temperatures are safe when I OC. For now I have 20-30 degree celsius rest and 50-60 degree celsius loaded. My MB types : ASROCK Z170 MSI Z170A XPOWER GAMING Titanium Edition ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme ASUS Maximus VIII Gene ASUS Maximus VIII Hero ASUS Maximus VIII Impact ASUS Z170-A Non-K OC BIOS ASUS Z170-Deluxe ASUS Z170-E Which one would be the best? Thanks for spent your time, greetings.