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  1. Brunst

    3840x1080 144hz ,

    the sytem is running on cpu : 6700k ram : 16gb 3000mhz gpu : RX Vega 56 limted edition that 250 FPS is in games like CS:GO ...... in games like forza horizon that is only giving 98FPS , but ther the screen is lagging less.... no its not lagging when using hdmi but the colors are afoul, and i really like to use the 144hz ...
  2. now im running the DP kabel that i got with my screen and its not doing well, i try with the HDMI but then i only got 120hz i think ... the screen is glitching when i play games, the gpu is running the games easy at 250fps with the rx vega 56 nitro+ LE so i think maybi the cabel i got with is just trash and maybi a new 1 can fix the issue ?