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  1. have a Huawei p20 and recently I've not been able to connect to any public WiFi.When I try to log into free WiFi I get my phone trying to go to an address called: connectivity check. Hicloud. This page never loads and I can't access any WiFi network Why is this happening and how can I fix this? It happens with every browser I use, chrome or Firefox.
  2. It's a brand new install of Windows 10 so no bloatware. The boot drive is an SSD but how can I set it to boot drive if I cant get into the BIOS when I add another hard drive? Like I say with the 2 hard drives it came with it works fine. I slot in another 3TB drive as well and then it wont boot
  3. I recently purchased a used HP Z820 from the company I work for to use as a 3D rendering machine. The specs are: Intel Xeon E5-2687W 3.10Ghz x 2 56GB RAM Nvidia 1050ti 500GB SSD System Drive 3TB Back Up Drive So my questions are: The boot times - They are really long is there anyway I can speed them up? It's usually at the initial boot stage it seems to be doing loads of checks. If try to add in another 3TB back up drive it seems to detect all drives but then wont go past the initial boot screen with the HP symbol where the BIOS checks appear. If I take out the drive it boots back up. Why is this? Also I seems to get random slow downs when in Windows, not doing anything taking and it just seems to freeze and lag. Could this be a hard drive issue?
  4. So there is no chance of changing the case then? Thats a shame
  5. So I've just purchased a HP Z820 from my workplace at a great price so I can do some 3D work at home, the only niggle is the case is a big fugly and I'd like to put it into a nicer looking case. I'm just unsure as to which case on your site would be suitable for it. According to HPs spec sheet its a Dual LGA2011 board and the size is 33.02 x 36.19 cm (13 x 14.25 in) Custom Form Factor. So my question is would a case that support eatx work or am I stuck with the ugly HP case?