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  1. Wonderful, I could probably get a stable OC on the 2070S since I'm going for the Gigabytes 3 fan model. I could get some juice out of it too, probably around 5% increase which could result in a 10-20 fps bump! ^^
  2. Thanks a lot for these stats, info and your time dude. Imma get the 2070S for sure and see for myself a lil bit also, gotta take overclocking into consideration . Thank you VERY MUCH once again! ♥ ^^
  3. 1st off, that's a mighty nice game library. 2nd. Can you just summarize how well does your 2080S perform in some games you play daily and I'll shave off like 15% of the average fps (that's about the performance difference between 2080S and 2070S). I don't want to command you what games you should test for me :v. Only thing of importance for me is that you get more than 144 fps in most games, cause that means getting a 240Hz monitor is worth the money.
  4. Thanks for the answer! Wondering tho, are you running everything on highest settings and are RTX & DLSS turned on? Cause I honestly don't mind turning down some of the settings for a competitive advantage... (in competitive games like APEX Legends of course)
  5. So currently I have the following config: Intel core i7-8700 16 GB DDR4 2400MHz (15-15-15-35) A 650 W PSU (I don't remember the name) Kingston A400 240 GB SSD A 2TB HDD (7.2 rpm) GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P I'm going to get a new monitor around new years, possibly a BENQ Zowie XL2411P(144Hz) or Acer XF250QC(240Hz). Now, I need help picking a GPU that will be the best choice, y'all think that a GIGABYTE RTX 2070 SUPER can run titles like APEX Legends, COD:MW, Battlefield V and similar at around 240 FPS or rather at around 144Hz? (at 1080p ofc) Also, should I get faster RAM(3200MHz) or a better CPU (i9-9900k or i7-9700k) since my MOBO does support overclocking? (to get to 240 fps) OR Should I take into consideration that DDR5 is coming next year and just wait on buying anything? Here are some GPU prices from where I am from: GIGABYTE RTX 2070 super: ~490€ MSI RTX 2080 GAMING X Trio: ~640€ GIGABYTE RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING: ~720€ Here are some Monitor prices where I am from: BENQ Zowie XL2411P (144Hz): ~230€ Acer XF250QC (240Hz): ~360€ TL;DR:Will the RTX 2070 super run games at 240 fps? (deciding on the monitor) Whats the best monitor and GPU combo to buy? (if the 2070 super doesnt run at around 240 fps) Will DDR5 be too expensive for a casual user after its release? (starting to build a completely new PC) Thank you for your time. ^^
  6. Last night, 1.10.2019. at around 23:50 I started hearing voices from my PC speakers (attached file is a voice recording of it). The speech persisted for the following ~5 min repeating the same at thing random intervals until I shut down the PC. After recollecting myself I turned it on again (its about 00:00 now) the PC booted up with no problems or stuttering after a few minutes the sound started again, repeating the same thing over and over again. I have recorded it with my phones microphone and attached the clearest part of it.The sound did not comply with any of the basic windows or physical changes. Changing the volume level in windows did not affect the voice at all, while if I turned the volume knob on my speakers it would do the opposite than normal: turning the volume down made the voice louder; Turning the volume up made it quieter. This morning the voice did not come back after the PC being turned on for a couple of hours, I have ran a Malwarebytes scan and it removed a few harmful files. If anyone could make out what the voice is saying or what caused it I would be very thankful. I will keep this post updated for any further noticeable events. Voice recording: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0EXuQ9Xysw9
  7. I won't be using a adapter, I'm getting a Cooler Master RS-600 or Corsair CX600 or Cooler master Thunder 600W. ^^
  8. I'm really low on my budget, the whole setup I listed above including the GPU should be about 700€ and I'm still 200€ short
  9. I have settled on a Cooler Master RS-600 it has a 4+4 for my mobo and 2x6+2 for my 8-pin GTX 1070 which shouldn't create any problems? Thank you all so much for helping me! I am Brand new to understanding PSU's and this was a interesting experienece
  10. Thanks for this list. I'm looking at a few Cooler master 600 W PSU's and I'm getting kinda confused... Since my MOBO (Gigabyte H310M-S2H) needs a 1x24-pin and a 1x8-pin connector and 1x8-pin for my GPU, does that mean I need a PSU that has a 24-pin, 2x8-pin (or 6+2-pin) and an additional one or 2 SATA for my HDD (I'll have one HDD and a M.2 SSD)? For example: Cooler master Thunder 600W (http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/thunder/thunder-600w/) and/or: Cooler master RS-600-ACAB-m4 (http://www.coolermaster.com/service/support/model/RS-600-ASAB/) I also found some "LC power 600 W PSU's" idk if they are worth bugging with...
  11. So I'm getting a new PC soon, the parts are as follows: Intel i7-8700 8GB DDR4 Single channel RAM Gigabyte H310M-S2H 1000 GB Seagate 7.2 RPM 500 W Power supply unit And I understand that this PSU can supply the current build with ease. In a few months I will be ordering a Graphics card so I can get into gaming, recording and streaming, my worry is that this PSU will not be able to supply the Gigabyte GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8GB since its only a 500 Watt PSU. Also, The 2nd problem is: The 500 W PSU doesn't have a 8-pin connector which is needed for the GTX 1070. Will buying a 6-pin to 8-pin or similar bridge create instability issues or will it be ok? I used a lot of online Power calculator thingies and all of them show ~350 Load Wattage and the recommended PSU wattage is ~400 W. When I click their recommended Power Supply I get sent to a 600 W PSU on Amazon, which is overkill? (I don't need any future proofing) Thanks in advance! ^^
  12. Thanks for the help dude, love you! No homo tho...
  13. So you're thinking it will run games on high while recording?
  14. I'm not spending much at all, all of those parts will be just below 150€. Yes, all of them
  15. So I'm about to upgrade my old Dell Precision T5400. It currently has: Xeon e5410 (quad-core @ 2.33GHz) 4GB of DDR2 ECC RAM Nvidia GeForce Gt 610 800 GB HDD So I'm going to get some new Parts in order to be able to: use photoshop, edit videos, play games on high settings, record videos and some other stuff in those lines... So the new parts I'm about to order are: Xeon e5450 x2 (quad-core @ 3.00GHz x2) *the mother board has 2 sockets so its like an octa-core?* 16 GB of DDR2 ECC RAM Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 or 1070( I need your help here, I'm wondering will it be too much of a bottleneck from the processors maybe getting a GTX 970 if i wont get too much of a performance impact) Kingston A400 240 GB As I stated above I'm looking for some smooth 1080p gaming sessions while recording and rather fast video rendering. Comment your opinions and suggestions, Thanks in advance! ^^
  16. Thanks for the answers! So I am coming down on this setup: Xeon e5450 @3.00GHz x2 Nvidia GTX 960 (maybe even a gtx 1060 6GB) 16 GB DDR2 ECC-RAM Do you guys think I'll be able to play AAA games on medium?
  17. So I have an old Dell precision T5400, it has a Xeon e5410 in it. I am simply wondering if I can just get another Xeon e5410 off the market and smack it in there? My worry is that they have to "match" with something (like bought in a pair). Also as you're reading this, do you think that a: Intel Xeon e5410 @2.33 GHz 8 GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia GTX 660 (maybe a 1050 Ti) can run games at least on medium setting at 1050p and do well in video rendering or photoshop? Thanks a lot! ♥ ^^