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  1. Loote

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    There's no law against that where I live, so I stick to the opened headphones without worries. I've over 10 000 km mileage with no 'I couldn't hear it so I didn't notice it' situation, probably because my headphones dampen sound less than car's closed windows. Are you speaking from experience, or is it just something someone said?
  2. Loote

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    1. Ads of products that I could not use are annoying. More than once I found the advertiser website to read some version of 'DEFINITIVELY NOT SHIPPING TO POLAND'. 2. Ads that are overly loud are annoying. 3. Ads of products I don't need are annoying. 4. Ads of products that I know are shit and have better alternatives are annoying. And then, when I finally get a nice ad, it gets old really fast. One time I was riding a bike back from work in winter at night on a road with a really narrow roadside, the kind where if you move your hands wrong for a second you're going to fall down a steep hill. YouTube rewind ad comes up with a really loud shout that I thought was behind me, which made me turn my head really fast and nearly go down, some hours later I had ads blocked on yt.
  3. Loote

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    source: https://zeltser.com/malvertising-malicious-ad-campaigns/ I am quite certain than all of the big ad providers have been subject to malwertising at some point. The Internet is not a safe place and ad blockers make it that tiny bit better. Mostly the blocks are working on a whitelist basis because plenty of sites welcome you with huge amount of the worst kind of ads, that's why even though on this site ads are totally fine, many users will block them without any consideration. I am actually curious what will be the effect of this change, probably it will be within error, but I hope for slightly worse outcome for them, just because I don't approve of bans like that. They could troll blocking users playing only Despacito on their devices(until they unlock the ads), but perhaps that would be too cruel.
  4. Loote

    Share HDD over internet?

    Is the shield accessible over the Internet? If it is, your job should be simple, if not, then go with one of many ways to make it available. I've had various success trying such things, on Linux I can mount my server using sftp and it works well, even for random reads, however on Windows it's as bad as getting BSODs. Random reads are a bit of pain. If you need to only copy the files, I recommend rclone, it's FOSS, supports many protocols and encryption, so you could still use Google Drive safely. Additional benefit is the way it copies/syncs files is very reliable, and you could auto run the script to automate the process. Directory mounting is powerful, but takes time to set up properly and FUSE mounts on Windows aren't really a thing.
  5. Loote

    [POLL] Do you watch LTT's content?

    This topic is funny for me because I don't really know the old LTT, I saw a video long ago describing DVI and DP standards, that mentioned pins responsible for analog output and was much more thorough than most Youtube videos, but I didn't subscribe then. Few months ago I saw LTT studio tour with iJustine and thought that the way LMG do things is cool and since then I saw every new video plus many older ones, some were better than others, most I watch at 1,5 speed to get full chipmunk effect and more content in less time and the worst thing I could say is, some sponsored subject was a little less interesting than I'd like, but you can skip it no problem and I didn't feel I had to.
  6. Loote

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    I am of the opinion that today, or rather, recently, the amount of good and great music being produced is higher than it ever was. It is a double-edged blade, people with talent don't need so much money to do anything decent, Internet can provide information that used to be unavailable to most except those lucky enough to know someone in the industry, thus, we get more of the good stuff, but on the same grounds we get more of the bad stuff too. Also, while it's easier to publish songs on soundcloud, it's so simple to get high production value music into our ears, that many just don't care about upcoming artists. Some recording that would be okay to put on from time to time just to hear something different than the 10 hours of music you owned in the 90 and listened to constantly will not be picked with today's vastness of Spotify at hand. Don't forget that old music is not gone, so even with one good new song you are that one good new song richer than you were last year.
  7. Looks very promising, thank you! I'm not sure it it was mentioned in this topic before, but [url=https://www.voidtools.com/]Everything[/url] is a free and much better alternative to Windows search. I've 240GB SDD + 3TB USB 2.0 HDD + 4TB SATA HDD and in ~10 seconds it scans them all, then provides real-time search results. I can look for .pdf, sort by date and find where that invoice I closed by mistake is located. It's worth the 40 MB of ram it'll use if you add it to startup.
  8. Plex alternatives? I have Plex installed on a dedicated server, it works mostly fine but I stopped updating it when they dropped opting out of telemetry option, after that I tried Kodi, Emby, but both were much worse than Plex. I need a way to watch something on a PC and/or a phone, transcoded or not. Including anime so .ass subs and 10bit video, which is the source of problems with most things. So some time have passed, is there any new, sexy app to fulfil my needs? One time unlocking like in Plex app for Android is acceptable, but I don't want monthly fees or high prices.
  9. Loote

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    I believe Spotify has just started earning money, for example: https://www.engadget.com/2019/02/06/spotify-gimlet-anchor-podcast-profitable/ I hope it ends bad for them, there is no way to reliably tell who is blocking ads, so I expect there will be plenty of missed bans, and a proper method around them will most likely surface in a week or so, what's more, the % of users blocking ads may increase if the news is popular enough to introduce more users to ad blocking magic. buuut it's just me being bitter about not having a copy of the music, there are ways to get a free Spotify premium and yet I don't even have an account there, I wish sites like Bandcamp were much more popular, without DRM, where artists get good amount of money.
  10. I used Vanced yt in a Magisk version and flashed in recovery version, ads are one thing, but the biggest feature is background playback. I tried to purchase Youtube Red for the same benefits, but it's still not available in my country.