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  1. I have a Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ and it does not support raid. It only has 4 SATA ports that do not support RAID. It has 1 16x PCI-e slot and 12 1x slots. It was designed for mining. I am currently using an SSD to run Windows 10 and I have 3 3TB Drives running on it. I am no longer using it for the purposes of mining. It runs a Celeron G3930 Dual core 2.9GHz CPU and I am going to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to at least 16. It is running ok for now just as a basic file server but I want the redundancy of RAID for data protection.
  2. I built a server using my old mining rig to re-purpose it and I am searching for a cheap RAID card that either uses SAS connectors to get the desired amount of drives connected to it, or uses SATA ports directly on the card. I am obviously looking for a card that is inexpensive but fully supports the SATA 3 standard and also has large disk support for 3TB and up. I don't really know what to look for because often times a lot of descriptions and spec sheets are vague based on the drive size limitations. I was just wondering if anyone had any good experience with a good inexpensive RAID solution they could tell me. Thanks for your time!
  3. I don't care about the save game files from video games if in the event of a hurricane. I do however have a large movie, and music library and also a lot of program installations and drivers and game installs from many years. I was one of those people who always had multiple drives in my computer for backup in the event of having to reinstall windows. I will give freefilesync a try.
  4. I backup my steam library because unfortunately for me I pay $80 USD for basic 10 mbps internet and it takes forever to re-download games. I was just keeping them on my hard drive, I have a 1TB and also a 3TB in my main gaming machine but I found that I wasn't playing them enough to warrant keeping them on there. I unfortunately only have this internet as an option. I live in a stupid place where there is cable internet less than a mile from me on all sides but because AT&T has a 99 year contract to the area, I don't have access besides this. I don't use AT&T but I use a dish on my roof that talks to a tower about a mile and a half away. Fairly reliable but I wish it were faster and cheaper.
  5. Hi. This is my first post on here and I am sorry if I missed seeing a post and answer on this but I was wondering. Has anyone come across a reliable real-time sync program for files across multiple devices? (e.g. I have a Server that has multiple drives hooked up and I want to be able to have redundancy. I understand the RAID options, but if I want to regularly backup to another server or computer, or Network location, or external USB Drive? (I live in Florida where the realization for hurricane evacuation is real and I may just have to grab a USB drive and go) I am using it for home use and I only really have about 2TB of data currently besides just the backup of my Steam library. I am looking for a software that copies files when they are created and also deletes them when they are deleted on the master drive. Also if it deletes them, it will put them in a folder for my review. I saw Linus show this real quick in one of his server room maintenance videos and I am really intrigued. Thanks! Also Low cost or free option is a plus! Mike