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  • Birthday 1982-03-29

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    United States
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    Writing, YouTube, Traveling.
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    I am a writer who is trying to find a balance between following my dreams and being the best Mom I can be.
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    Work at Home


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    Ryzen 7 1700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler
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    Asus Tuf B450 Gaming Motherboard
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz
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    Corsair Carbide White with Tempered glass
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    WD Blue 2TB PC Hard Drive-5400 RPM Class SATA 6Gb/s 64MB
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    ASUS VZ239H-W 23" Full HD 1080p IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor x2
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    Rosewill Gaing White Keyboard, RGB
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    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition: 5G Optical Sensor 16,000 DPI
  • Operating System
    Linux, Windows 10

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  1. PrincessHeinz57

    LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack Tickets are HERE!

    @CPotter Can I add the dreamhack on for 30.00 since I already have a two day pass?
  2. PrincessHeinz57

    Other Larger Content Creators & LTX 2019

    No Justine???? @CPotter
  3. PrincessHeinz57

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    I need more Yvonne. She did a great job with the "Apple are you okay?" video. I love her personality and to be honest she is easier on the eyes than you guys Just kidding. Please encourage her and tell her we love her and she did a great job. I hope to see more from her soon, maybe tech marketed at girls?
  4. PrincessHeinz57

    more BYOC tickets?

    I was thinking that is was probably refunds.
  5. PrincessHeinz57

    more BYOC tickets?

    He said it would be announced first.
  6. PrincessHeinz57

    more BYOC tickets?

    They mentioned on the Wan Show that there would be additional seats for sale later on. I can't remember exactly but it was like 100 or 150.
  7. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    I definitely need some game suggestions. I like FPS, and I also like games with puzzles like Resident Evil. I do like playing with other people.
  8. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    It is a download from a website called ez frags
  9. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    infinite health
  10. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    It is a website called EZ Frags. You download software. You can toggle the hacks on and off. There are wall hacks which lets you see people through walls so you know where your opponent is. There are health hacks and aimbotting. Aimbot lets you get a headshot even if you arent pointing at the right spot or you would miss otherwise. It isn't gaming. Yeah I thought about downloading the software to "join them" but it wouldn't be gaming. There is no skill needed with hacking.
  11. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    I thought about it, but that's not fun for me.
  12. PrincessHeinz57

    Hacking has ruined CS:GO for me (RANT)

    I am a console gamer and only recently started playing computer, I found CS:GO and I LOVE it. I have really learned how to pc game by playing this game. I am a horrible gamer but playing this game is fun and I like to talk trash with the little kids. Recently though every lobby is filled people hacking. This absolutely ruins the game. I had to go through several lobbies to find one without hackers. Is it better with the premium version? I have reported several hackers but they just create new accounts.
  13. PrincessHeinz57

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    Thank you for offering
  14. PrincessHeinz57

    Cannabis in Canada

    Awesome. For some reason smoking it gives me anxiety but edibles don't. It really helps with my PTSD and IIH,
  15. PrincessHeinz57

    Cannabis in Canada

    Tennessee will be the last state to legalize it. I need it for medical reasons. I have PTSD and Intracranial hypertension. It really helps for that. Just flying will be awful but it will be worth it to come meet everyone and see beautiful Canada.