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    Elektra57 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Prelude   
    It is once again my pleasure to be bringing to you all The Summer Folding Sprint!
    As is customary I will be writing a daily blog so everyone can follow along, there will be prizes, fun, science and heat!
    Last folding sprint we aimed to reach rank 10, we missed that goal, but now, we stand tall and proud, sitting 3rd on the leaderboard of the world. 
    First I would like to thank everyone once again for taking part in the Emergency Folding Event, our own small action against the ongoing global pandemic that is ravaging the world. I would be doing you all a disservice if I were not to mention the fact that the fight against COVID is still ongoing. The world is still suffering, people are still dying. 
    According to the World-O-Meter at the time of writing there have been 6.5 million confirmed cases of COVID19, leading to almost 400,000 deaths. This is the reality many of us still face, socially distanced, in lockdown, unable to see our loved ones, parents, children, grandparents, partners, friends. It is easy to feel more alone than ever during these trying times, it is easy to forget that we live in the most connected society ever seen. We have all found it hard in our own way. 
    Well right now, we once again have a chance to come together, to unite, with the power of our combined compute, to tackle this crisis. We can choose to do take the fight to this invisible enemy, to support the medical field in a way that was simply not possible the last time this planet was facing a health crisis of this magnitude. I am proud of everything that this team has accomplished since I took over, and the seeds of that accomplishment were planted long before I took over. When we started running events in 2017. 
    We all have the power to make this change, to work towards this common good, even the most modest of set ups can add to our collective ability to crunch numbers in a way that has never been seen before. We are offering more compute capacity through the folding network than any single system has ever offered researchers. In the entirety of human history, there has never seen anything close to what we mere gamers have offered over the last few weeks and months.
    The details of the event are to be published later today, including participation requirements and prizes. The event will run from 13th of June, to the 19th of June. Leading up to the summer solstice on the 20th, the longest day of the year.
    This event will not be eligible for folding event badges, that is reserved for LMG endorsed folding months only. Don't forget to follow this blog to keep up to date with any needed info, the event thread will be added onto the blog entry this evening(18:00-22:00BST/GMT+1)
    The event thread has now gone live!
    But, most importantly, lets have fun, test our metal with the heat and finally, let's kick some COVID ass!
    Happy Folding,
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    Elektra57 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Eight - Issues   
    Here we are ladles and gentlespoons! The second week, the ranks are starting to look a lot clearer as time goes on!
    PSA: Don't forget to troll PCMR on Twitter from time to time!
    Today's Drink, Whisky Sour
    Well there has been some serious issues with the stats over at EOC recently, hypothetically our stats should be mostly sound, minus the known issue on F@Hs part regarding some WUs not being credited, that is something that affects us all so shouldn't have a massive impact on the rankings! The sheer explosion of interest in folding at home is truly amazing, and to think that we have been a part of this just as amazing. Thank you to everyone who has folded so far, together we will make the world a better place! 
    In first place we have the king, @Den-Fi with 147.53 million points, I think it is time for us all to admit that no one is going to be stealing the throne from him this time around! In second place we have @miker07 who always knows how to make a splash, with 86.50 million points the veteran of folding events is showing he can hang with the best of them! In third place we have @ZombieStew, a newbie to the events but none the less has proven his worth with 74.3 million points! 4th is taken by @Macaw2000 with 67.6 million points, the guys got game, you gotta give him that. Outproducing the number two and three spot he could very well have his eyes set on a greater prize! 5th place is occupied by @Ayren, with 67.2 million points must be feeling somewhat comfortable in that position as @Xoggy is behind with a total of 52.2m points and could find it hard to catch up at this rate. @walderston on the other hands seems to have seriously picked up the pace, with 51.3m it could very well be that we find Walder taking 6th by next update. 8th place we see @bafo_ah, 45.2m points is what it has taken so far to bag the number 8 spot, only a stones-throw behind we find @wi3si. The gatekeeper to the top ten is @Unilevers with 43.4m points. 11th is taken by @n0xlf with 36.7m points, 12th place is @BAW01 with 35.3m points, 13th place is @BlackAda with 34.8m. In 14th place we have @LAR_Systems netting 34.4m points and finally in 15th we have @HybridTI with 33.7m points.
    Day Eight Stats
    as always:
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here for all of folding, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every event!
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the minimum participation requirements this year.
    minimum requirements: 500k points, and 10 days of having activity over the course of our 14 day event.
    Happy folding,
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    Elektra57 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony 2019!   
    Well guys, my oh my has it been a month of pure excitement and an unexpected plot twist, the king has been dethroned!!!
    But before we get into it I just want to say a few things, first and foremost, I want to thank the guys who have been helping behind the scenes, @Gorgon for his exceptional data handling and filling in for blog posts, @palespartan for being my rival giving a helping hand with data validation, prize allocation and a blog post or two and @Imbellis for validation and giving us a secondary source of point data. You guys really have been lifesavers this event and without you I honestly don't think the event would have ran at all as I would have needed to throw in the towel with all the hospital trips. 
    I want to thank every one of who participated, no matter if you made 3 points(yes, somehow that was a thing, I even validated it myself) or if you made over 800m *cough* @Yggdrasil128 *cough*, you really are all beautiful, amazing people. I also want to give a special thanks to you all for standing by me despite all the hospital trips and unavailability, I really appreciated all the warm messages I received wishing my partner good health, it will surly be needed over the coming months and possibly years. 
    Competition was stiff this year, with not only the highest number of sign ups for any folding event here on the forum but also some of the most impressive folding I've ever seen, period. You guys have rocked it hard and you should all be proud for what we accomplished. 17,933,433,473 points over the course of the event and moving from 10th place to 8th, but the science is not over and the folding must continue. 
    Roughly, if team LTT was measured on the top500 list of supercomputers we would have found ourselves somewhere around 70-75th, just think about that for a moment...
    Please can all make sure we donate a few dollars to Jason over at EOC, his servers must have taken a beating with all the traffic we have thrown at the guy over the last month or so. You can either use this PayPal link or find the PayPal donation button on the EOC Website on the right. Don't forget to include a note thanking him so he knows its from team LTT. 
    List of the dead
    It is a sad time when we see the demise of our hardware, even sadder when that hardware holding out a few more days or weeks would have secured up a better position. 
    @justpoet's brain
    @azmariadei Apevia 300w psu and CyberPower 1000VA UPS
    @xoggy's sanity over vega 64 folding
    @gotspectrum's brain, sleep, sanity, general state of health, liver, oh and hd 7950, evga 500w psu,
    @palespartan built in sound card on msi z97 krait edition
    @sanya567xxx HiPer V500 550W max PSU, and nervs about nvidia boost algrothym.
    @spotty's gpu? maybe a 7970?
    @HrutkayMods 970 ftw
    @xWeegix 970
    Rest In Piece Valiant hardware, there is a special place in silicon heaven(Red Dwarf Reference right there) for you, least we forget. 
    And now, without further delay, here are the final, verified ranks and prize winners. 
    In first place we have @Yggdrasil128, with 886,386,763 points over the course of the event. Mr. Drasil, now crowned the new king of folding for team LTT, really surprised us all, laying low for much of the event before making a dash to the top with his mercenary armies rented folding power, we don't mind how you get your points as long as you get them under your name. You truly deserve to sit in this spot, your prize os to have the bragging rights for the next 11 months, All Hail The King of Folding, 2019!
    In second place we have the dethroned kind, @Den-Fi with 660,756,810, you really pushed hard towards the end of the month, but with some sandbagging at the start it has to be asked if you could have taken the crown, that is something we will never know. But, hear this, there is no shame here, for we are all winners when it comes to folding, as we fold, FOR SCIENCE!
    In third place we have @Gorgon with 520,575,343 an impressive number, our very own Gorgon showing that we are all in it full tilt, even if we are consumed by crashing google sheets and failing giant IF statements. He was up there right from the start and really took the fight to the dethroned king, a real man of the people. 
    In 4th place we have @miker07 with 438,025,030, a fine effort from the folding month veteran. 
    in 5th place we have @catawalks with 415,533,572, if only he pushed that little more he could have taken 4th. 
    6. @_Rlocke with 221,628,810.
    7. @JB25304 with 212,774,860.
    8. @leadeater with 202,564,470.
    9. @Favebook with 191,299,492.
    10. @GOTSpectrum with 186,742,539.
    If you don't see your name on the list above you either did not sign up for this event or you did not meet the minimum requirements. All event badges will be handed out without any intervention needed from you guys, PLEASE DO NOT message me or the team about event badges. 
    Now it is time for the prizes!
    I was planning to tag each winner but due to the number of prizes and limitation I have recently been made aware of the winning ranks will be listed here and the winners will be tagged in comments to this post. This will ensure all winners get a notification for the tag. 
    The winners will have 7 working days from the publication of this post to claim the prize, if the prize goes unclaimed it will be raffled again. In order to claim the Prize you will need to PM me here on the forum, with the subject
    'I am here to claim what is rightfully mine!'
    Steam keys
    10x random Steam keys - Donated by GOTSpectrum
    Draw - All Ranks
    9x random Steam keys - Donated by tg4life666
    Draw - All Ranks
    24x random Steam keys - Doanted by kubo6472
    Draw - All Ranks
    20x Random Steam keys - Donated by ossi120
    Draw - All Ranks
    20x Random Steam keys - Donated by ObscureMammal
    Draw - All Ranks
    1x 60USD Steam gift card - Donated by YBPT
    Draw - Ranks 1-25
    5x 20USD Steam gift cards - Donated by Den-Fi
    Draw - Ranks 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-125, 126-150
    1x Wolfenstein - young blood, bethesda client key - Donated by shaz2sxy
    Draw - Ranks 150 - 300
    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB kit - Donated by JoeDaCabbie
    Draw - Ranks 1-100
    I really just want to thank you all again for taking part in the event, you guys have really made it special, every single one of you!
    And, with that said, it's time to finally wrap up the folding month for 2019, I can't wait to see you all taking part in the future folding events like the intra-forum friendly in Febuary, the summer folding sprint and yes, next years folding month.
    EDIT: In all the excitement, I forgot to add my two little announcements... 
    The first is, the billion point badge is now here!
      1 billion points, Diamond Badge - 'When you have contributed more than 1 Billion points, Tales of your folding adventures will be whispered through the ages, You are now mythical.'
    The second is that, It has been decided that new leadership for the folding team could reinvigorate the team, well I can tell you that I have accepted to take over the leadership role from @Whiskers!
    This is Spectrum signing off,
    Happy Folding,
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    Elektra57 reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Verset   
    Well guys, it is my pleasure to once again welcome people from all social echelons of the LTT forum to the second official Linus Tech Tips FOLDING MONTH!
    We welcome folding titans such as @Den-Fi who is the sitting champion, @Gorgon who will be eyeing up the top spot this year with the intention of dethroning the king and @_Rlocke who has promised to give us a good show with more hardware to throw around this year. LMG staff such as @jakkuh_t will hopefully be joining us along with moderators such as @TVwazhere and @leadeater. @Tomerrs is nowhere to be seen though, and with his startling leap to second it will be a real shame without him.
    We have seen the biggest number of participants to date sign up  for any folding event so far. I'd really like to take a moment to thank each one of you; from guys with multi RTX rigs right down to the CPU folders, all are welcome and appreciated here at folding month!
    It has been an exciting year for tech, with the release of RTX cards we are seeing productions numbers that are seemingly unreal to what we had only a few short years ago, along with high core count chips from AMD at affordable prices and the falling prices of HEDT platforms from Intel's previous generations make it ever more easy to get yourself set up with some decent hardware and start smashing out the WUs under the orange banner of team LTT! 
    Could we all give thanks to the team this year, we gain nothing out of this event other than your gratitude so please give a hand to: @palespartan who folding wouldn't exist without, @Gorgon who helps facilitate the stats handling, @Imbellis who will be offering a secondary source of production data,  @Ithanul and @dean_21 who will assist with data validation, and finally myself, who will be working hard behind the scenes building the datasheet, organising data and writing these wonderful blogs. 
    I'm feeling a little rusty with the writes up so please excuse me getting back into the swing of things as the event goes on. We have the most advanced datasheet to date when compared with folding week 2017, folding month 2018 and the summer folding sprint of 2019. With multiple methods of validating data, increased redundancy of data fetching and more hands to share the load we are hoping there won't be a repeat of last years mishaps.  Here's to hoping for a good clean event. But, if you do notice any errors or mistakes please do feel free to drop me a PM then we can investigate and get it sorted as quickly as possible. 
    One thing I have to say is once the month is over I really hope to see you guys continuing to fold. We have always punched well above our weight class when it comes to the number of active folders we have compared to the number of points we can churn out on a daily basis. When I first started folding the team was in decline, but since the first folding month we have exploded, and I hope to see that continue into the future. 
    As usual just a little PSA, we are a small tight-knit community here, so if someone helps you out don't forget to thank them and give them a reaction, Also always remember we fold as a team first and for individual glory second. So be kind, be humble, here at Folding Month 2019!
    With only a few days to go we have been working hard behind the scenes, building the datasheet, advertising the event and delegating tasks. But the time for planning is coming to an end, and the time for action is fast approaching. These last few days are crucial, so get checking stability, tuning clocks, running general maintenance and prepare to push your hardware right to the limits of what they were designed to do.  
    Let us all bask in the warmth of our folding rigs, listening to the pur Scream of the fans blasting away and be proud of just what we can accomplish when we come together.