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  1. So, I got everything today and starting building. I ran into an issue. I couldn't plug my usb 3 and hd audio cord into the mother board with the graphics cord mounted. I had to order an extender, I will get it in a couple of days. I am just aggravated. I also couldn't get the i/o cover to work. The motherboard would not line up with the cover on. I am going to take everything out and do a video when the extender gets here so you can see my issue. I don't know if this is just a common complaint with the Corsair Carbide case, or if it is just something trivial that I don't understand because I am so new at this.
  2. Vlogging cameras and video editing software, please!
  3. I am wanting to start vlogging. I have researched the vlogging camera but I can not decide what I want. My budget is 400.00. I looked at a Canon Vixia on Amazon, but I canceled my order because the reviews said the accessories were cheap and worthless. What do you use? I am a beginner. I will be doing unboxing, computer builds, gaming, etc. What do you use for lighting and audio on a budget? I hope to do a lot of videos while I am in Canada. Drop all your knowledge on this noob. Thanks!
  4. Nice! Are you VIP this year? BTW love the signature!!! When I build mine this week I want a sig like that.
  5. A meetup would be fun! We have our tickets. Still trying to figure out where we are staying. I know everything is getting booked up fast.
  6. Elektra57


    Hey! There is already a thread started
  7. I asked before and they said we would transport ourselves, but there is a lot of time between now and then. They could change their minds if they see a need or we could set up a rideshare.
  8. @CPotter all my family's tickets are in my name. That won't be a problem for my son and my sister if I am with them right?
  9. I think it asks you if you want to add it when you buy your tickets. That is what it did for me.
  10. FYI I emailed Tixr and this was their response, I have already repurchased an earlier time slot and emailed them for a refund: FEB 22, 2019 | 12:23PM PST Tixr Support replied: Hi Candice, Thanks for emailing Tixr! To process an exchange we will need to refund your entire order, so you will need to re-purchase the desired tickets and any other tickets associated with your order. Please follow the steps below: 1. Purchase the desired tickets, including any tickets you would like to retain from your original order. A full refund will be issued on your original order after proof of new order purchase. 2. Reply to support@tixr.com with the following information on both orders: - Order ID - Event name and date - Name on order - Last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase Your original order will be refunded upon receipt of this information. You will receive a refund confirmation via email once this has been completed. Please allow up to 5 business days for the funds to appear on your credit card statement. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions! --- Tixr Fan Support Love your ticket! support@tixr.com Read the Tixr Blog: tixr.com/blog Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/tixr Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/tixr
  11. Does anyone know what time the WAN show comes on? I want to catch it live.
  12. Yeah, They added more AFTER I panic throttled and got the 1:45.
  13. The 1:45 tour. I probably should have gone earlier. The gang will probably be tired by the time my group goes through. I got the merch and two day passes too.
  14. Well dang, I should have read the forum before I bought my tickets. lol. Probably would have been helpful.
  15. I sent tixr an email. I will let you know what they say.
  16. I choose the only tour saying available and now there are more time slots to choose from. Does anyone know how we change the time?
  17. You're right. Thank you for your advice.
  18. The graphics card and power supply I already had from an upgrade my son did on his computer. Everything else will be new. I was worried about the power supply, so I will definitely look at your list.
  19. The thing is. I would like to but my son would steal it, lol. He plays games more than I do. So if I get any tech better than him, he will just confiscate it. I will have to save up enough to get 2.
  20. This is my very first build. I will add some rgb later. It is already going to cost more than I thought. Going to order everything off Amazon tomorrow so tell me what you think. I am going to enter the buids.gg competition. CPU AMD - Ryzen 3 1200 Cores: 4 Socket: AM4 Motherboard ASUS - TUF B450M-PLUS Chipset: B450 Size: microATX Memory Support: DDR4 Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX Capacity: 8 GB Type: DDR4 Storage Western Digital - WD Blue Desktop Type: HDD Capacity: 1TB Form Factor: 3.5" Graphics NVIDIA - Geforce Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip: GTX 1050 Ti PSU Corsair - VS450 Form Factor: ATX Efficiency: - Wattage: 450W Case Corsair - Carbide 275R Type: Mid-Tower Motherboard Support: ATX Side Panel: Tempered Glass Monitor ASUS - VZ239H-W Panel: IPS Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Size: 23 inch Monitor ASUS - VZ239H-W Panel: IPS Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Size: 23 inch Mouse Razer - Lancehead Tournament Edition Interface: Wired
  21. Thank you! I was wondering if we should rent a car or not. That information helps make that decision. We can't wait
  22. @CPotter Will there be a bus to the LMG tour? What time do tix go on sale?
  23. Thank you! I will probably end up ordering it. I really wish they would just make the Razer ornata chroma in white with the wrist rest.