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  1. Proof that every PC can do it's part. I don't have a monster system but it is still doing it's part.
  2. It already had the gpu slot, removed the cpu slot. Thanks!!!!
  3. https://www.ltxexpo.com/info-regarding-covid19
  4. It is in August my dude. Things can turn around before then. What I am hoping for is that this will make LTX THE Tech event of 2020.All the other events were cancelled so in my mind that would mean the vendors would have MORE stuff to giveaway and maybe we can get more vendors that wouldn't show at a small event.
  5. https://www.ltxexpo.com/info-regarding-covid19 It will be talked about on the Wan Show tonight. Keep checking the website, forum, and Discord for updates. It has not been cancelled. We all need to think ahppy and positive thoughts.
  6. That is what I put, but it said bad gateway. Now it is working. Hopefully I did it right. Yes, I had to request my passkey again. Thanks for your help. It is early and my brain is not working yet.
  7. This is probably going to be a question already asked. I only folding for folding month so I am still new. Where do I find the passkey for the LTT team? Is there a way to fold only for Covid-19?
  8. I asked Colton and he said yes.
  9. Our Hotel kept our luggage at the front. They had bicycle locks on it.
  10. Here is the official statement. Please look on the LTX website for updates. https://www.ltxexpo.com/info-regarding-covid19
  11. LInus explained this on WAN Show. If they increased the amount of tickets it would no longer be VIP. Do an office tour. You will get some time with Linus.
  12. There were only a small amount of VIP passes. Unfortunately not everyone who wants one is going to get one. This happened to me too. Just keep trying. The LMG Staff are amazing and will do autographs and are more than happy to talk to you, take pics, etc. The office tours are amazing. At the end of our office tour Linus took a few minutes to answer our questions and have one on one time.
  13. Elektra57

    Office Tour

    I recommend being early. We got lost in Surrey. You can make a post and put your tour time and see if other people want to travel with you. We took the Sky Train, then a taxi.
  14. Hope everyone is doing well! My Doctor was very pleased with my weight loss so far. Cutting out soda makes a huge difference. I have also been eating out less which helps me save some $$$$ for LTX because my goodness the food and beer in Vancouver are amazing!
  15. You only live once. We never know when we are going to die. Quoting Shia "JUST DO IT"
  16. I think it would be funny to have the creators read mean tweets.
  17. Panda Pod Hotel: https://lmg.gg/ltx20panda single pod per night for $59 CAD + tax. With deal from LTX.
  18. Everything else has been perfect. I've had no issues with VOD's on Bitwit and LTT. Just the Livestream.