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  1. He came into the Pilot Chat on discord pedaling his wares. Put on the peer pressure.
  2. I am still folding for LTT with my 2070 super
  3. Ryzen 5 3600x Yes you little FAH and Boinc dealer.
  4. @CPotter Can you just keep my refund? I would like to donate it to help offset what you all will lose. I understand why LTX is being cancelled. It still sucks, since we have been looking forward to it since last year was so amazing. I want to do something to help. I know 2021 will be amazing. I know this has been such a stressfully decision and I understand why you all waited so long. We all held out hope that this would all go away and we would all get to celebrate together.
  5. Thanks everyone for folding! Proud of everyone, keep it up! Thanks to @GOTSpectrum @Spotty and countless others who helped answer my questions. It was my second event and I can't wait for more. FOLD ON!
  6. I did not have the Pcie cord plugged in >.< It is working now. Thank you for your help!
  7. AMD Ryzen 5 3600x Tuf Gaming b450m plus gaming Corsair vengeance 16 gb
  8. Hey guys, it's me again. Lol. I got a new GPU and installed it today. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super. I also upgraded my CPU to a Corsair 650w. After installing everything my PC will not post. The post code I'm getting is -... I do not have a code screen just beeps. According to post manual it is conventional extended memory failure. So far I have: reseated my ram just to make sure I didn't bump it. Tried ram from a different computer. Tried different slots. It is currently in slots 2 and 4. My ram is 16gb. I'm not sure what else to do and I am losing my mind.
  9. I just bought a 2070 Super! I can not wait to contribute more
  10. I am blessed to work from home with Amazon. We are required to take on more hours starting this week. It has been hard to work the part time hours I had so full time is going to be fun. I know I should just be thankful I still have my job but with everything going on sometimes it is hard to just get out of bed. The only reason I did today was to play with friends online. The LTT Discord is quite active. You guys should join if you haven't already. This invite expires in 1 day: https://discord.gg/QGXYPF It helps to talk with my friends. I don't know what I would do without this community honestly.
  11. Not true at all. Please follow the website for updates. https://www.ltxexpo.com/ It is on the front page. They have not made a decision at this time. Also note that DefCon is the same time-frame and they are waiting until June to make a decision. DefCon Source: https://forum.defcon.org/node/231015
  12. It has definitely kicked my OCD, ADD, and Depression into overdrive. I try to stay away from watching news or reading too many articles about it. There have been a lot of self inflicted deaths in my hometown because of it. I think it is important that we stay in contact with each other and be there for everyone who may be struggling. I have to go to the grocery store today and I admit I am panicking a bit about going out into public.
  13. Just wanted to check on my forum peeps and see how everyone is doing with everything. It has been a bit lonely for myself. Haven't seen my family since February. Had a crappy birthday at the end of March. Thankful for my health but ready for everything to go back to normal. Funny thing is, I social distanced before it was cool. Not too much has changed other than not seeing my family at least once a week. I went outside today for some sun and fresh air. That helped a smidge. Other than that I've been pretty depressed. What are you all doing to stay sane? I've blogged, played video games, upgraded my computer, and started a new anime series. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  14. We are also mostly introverts. We quarantined before quarantine was cool. I have not booked my airfare. I have been tempted to because it has dropped almost 1,000$ for me and my crew. Haven't booked a hotel yet either. Keep educating people to stay the F home and wash their hands. I can promise you that LMG cares more about it's community than the bottom line. They will make a decision when the time is right and they have more information. Stay safe everyone!!!
  15. Found the issue. ONE pin was bent. Straightened it and it fixed the issue. New issue is that when my computer boots it tries to boot from ssd and my hd isn't in the boot from list. Thank you all so much for your help! I love this community!
  16. I installed an ssd. Samsung Evo plus m.2 nvme. That wouldn't keep it from booting would it?
  17. Yes. Computer has power. Heatsink has power. GPU has power but not booting.
  18. I've installed a few Ryzen CPUs before in new systems. It was the old CPU stuck to the heatsink, that damaged it. I did try a Ryzen 7 CPU of same gen, it didn't work. I tried the old alcohol trick provided by Crossfire and now the heatsink and GPU have power but not booting.
  19. I don't have a good camera and my phone camera sucks. I can't believe I would do something so dumb.
  20. I got a new Ryzen 5 3600x to replace my Ryzen 3. I am sleep deprived and did not update the bios before I uograded. Now the old CPU will not work. My motherboard is a tuf gaming b450m mini ATX. I am very upset. I don't know how to fix this. When I put the old CPU back in the motherboard has power but the GPU and CPU don't. When I took the old CPU out it was stuck to the cooler and I may have damaged it. It has all the pins but one tiny section is dark.
  21. @Spotty @GOTSpectrum I know you aren't doing badges for this event but if you did, a little covid model would be pretty cute and a great reminder of the team Folding Team LTT came together as a community Just in case you change your mind.
  22. Proof that every PC can do it's part. I don't have a monster system but it is still doing it's part.