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  1. HappyCerberus

    Top of the line gaming PC

    My current PC is dying and I'm looking to buy a new top of the line gaming machine. I will be recycling the RTX 2080 Ti. I don't have a budget cap, I simply want the best machine (without going into marginal upgrades) under the following parameters: minimal noise levels portability (I need to carry my case between my workstation setup and my VR setup, which is in different rooms) performance in VR (Vive Pro) & 2560x1440 @ 144Hz I explicitly don't care about: RGB see through case (I prefer rigidity & silence) sound card (I have Sound Blaster ZxR that I will be recycling)
  2. HappyCerberus

    FINALLY Upgrading my 4 year old Gaming Rig!

    Can someone clarify? Linus said that the motherboard comes with a CPU for the 1200 USD, but the listings do not mention any CPU.
  3. HappyCerberus

    Remote ports through optical cable?

    After further exploration, it seems that Thunderbolt 3 over optical cables is not a thing.
  4. HappyCerberus

    Remote ports through optical cable?

    I wish I could put my PC into the living room, but it's way to loud for that. Got any links to tests of Thunderbolt docks? I would really like to know what kind of latency hit I would get with it.
  5. HappyCerberus

    Remote ports through optical cable?

    I have a VR setup in my living room and a work setup in my work room (cca. 20 meters apart). Right now, I always unplug my PC and carry it over, when I want to switch in between playing VR games and working & playing non-VR games. Is there any solution (like a port extender / dock), that would allow me to connect the work room with the living room? For latency reasons I already have a network cable going from the living room (this is where the internet connection for the flat terminates) to my work room so adding an extra cable is not really an issue. Since the main usage is VR, latency is a concern.