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  1. Skype provides that. But you need: 1. a video camera that supports 1080p at the sending end, and a screen with at least 1080 resolution (I.e. 1920x 1080 pixels) at the receiving end. 2. an Internet connection that supports about 2 Mbps (Megabits per second) or better… as the download speed for the person watching, and as the upload speed for the person sending the video at 1080p. 3. CPU power at the sending end to encode and send at 1080p, and CPU power at the receiving end to decode and render at 1080p. If you want 1080p simultaneously in both directions then the CPU power requirements will be greater again.
  2. The price always depends on the services you need and on the level of complexity of the site. Based on my own experience, I can suggest to turn to professionals to save both time and money. Last time, I cooperated with web designers from a US-based company, BreakThru. It has affordable prices and provides a wide range of web development and design services. Its representatives took into account all my wishes, and I was able to monitor the development of my website from start to finish.
  3. SmGroWs

    TV Series

    yes, crime thriller drama about drug lord
  4. SmGroWs

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Imagine Dragons - Machine
  5. If you are frightened don't do it, if you are doing it then don't fear. (с) What are you afraid of? followers?
  6. SmGroWs

    TV Series

    Just finished Narcos season 2. Next on my list is of course season 3 and then I think I will start to watch The office
  7. SmGroWs

    What mobile games do you play to kill time?

    The Room is a great puzzler. A small fee gets you a pretty, interesting puzzle game that was good enough to make me pay money for all three sequels.
  8. SmGroWs

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    One laptop, one desktop and one Mesko KR-19S hand-cranked calculator