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  1. Drivestort

    Second monitor displaying static/snow

    I don't have another monitor to test.
  2. Phenom II x6, Gigabyte 78-LMT motherboard, 2 8 gig sticks of Nemix ddr3 ram, and a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580. My monitors are an Acer LCD x223w connected via DVI-D, and a Samsung SynchMaster sc300_s22c300h connected via HDMI. With both monitors set to defaults (1920x1080, 59hz for Samsung, 1680x1050, 60hz for Acer), I've come to my computer after it's turned the monitors off, give the mouse a jiggle, and while the Samsung, my primary display, appears fine, the Acer shows multicolored static/snow. Changing the resolution of the Acer display in Windows 10 settings returned it to normal, at which point I also changed the Samsung display to 60hz refresh, and changed the Acer back to the original resolution. This evening, the same happened, and yet again changing the resolution of the Acer made the display appear normal again. I've already checked the DVI cable to make sure that it's not got any kinks or appears to have any stressful points on the connections.
  3. Drivestort

    Display errors and glitches

    Good to know! I was terrified because getting this for so cheap was cutting my way to getting an upgraded computer a lot sooner. Thanks!
  4. Drivestort

    Display errors and glitches

    My system is a Phenom II x6, Gigabyte 78-LMT motherboard, 2 8 gig sticks of Nemix ddr3 ram, and a 'new' Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 that I purchased on eBay. The graphics card as received was very clean, only a bit of dust, as if it was barely used (seller said that it was in a rarely used computer). It's connected via HDMI cable, I just installed it Thursday, and reinstalled drivers via the Radeon settings app. My old graphics card was also a Sapphire, so I had an older version of the Sapphire TriXX app installed. Both previous days I had the card, I've used it for playing World of Tanks and Vermintide 2 without any problems. Tonight, after about an hour of playing World of Tanks, I got a weird graphical glitch that had elements of the UI, both the game and Windows 10, jumping around and artefacting, showing parts of my background and multiple windows, and window elements (like the minimize and close buttons) enlarged and in wrong places. I closed the game, tried minimizing windows, but the glitching remained, so I hard shut down the computer, and when restarting none of the errors remained. I've since uninstalled the old version of TriXx and installed the new version, and used it to check the health of the card for the functions that it can show. So, my question is, does this seem to any of you to be just some driver thing, did I get a bum card and try and get my money back? I took a couple of pictures with my phone of what the screen was doing, but of course the bits that the phone captured were when it wasn't too bad.
  5. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    Understanding the problem lets me be able to live with it and prepare for the situation. I've been planning on building a replacement in the next couple of months, so I can just grab a fresh ssd in a couple of weeks to lift the burden off of the current drive, since that was in the plans already. Thanks for your help, I'll go ahead and close this.
  6. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    Well, I did spend a very long time before now with very little free space on the drive, I'm a file and game hoarder. Anyway, I have no idea what any of the granular stuff from CrystalDisk means, so I'll go ahead and give you a screenshot of that for translation.
  7. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    Right, but what I'd heard was that 10 removes the necessity of defragging for the most part. Anyway, according to the Optimize Drives tool, the 'System Reserved' option is 40% fragmented, so giving it a go.
  8. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    According to CrystalDisk and SMART stuff, the drive is fine. I'd heard people say that you don't really need to defrag with Windows 10 these days, but I'll give it a go.
  9. Drivestort

    Older PC cases Vs New cases

    I like the more open interiors of modern cases. I've never had need of putting some 6+ drives in a case to justify needing the entire height of it being taken up by drive trays.
  10. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    Phenom II x6, Gigabyte 78-LMT motherboard, 2 8 gig sticks of Nemix ddr3 ram, Sapphire HD 7870 gpu, the hard drive is a 1tb Seagate ST1000DL002, nothing's been overclocked and temps are consistently between 30 and 35C
  11. Drivestort

    Is my hard drive going out?

    For the past couple of months, my computer has been randomly rebooting, sometimes with a bluescreen (with various errors attached, but most often Kernel Power), but increasingly with no bluescreen at all, just going black and going to POST. I've been working at eliminating some of the potential causes for these, as I replaced my motherboard in December and admittedly, some of those issues were probably related to its hardware. But for a few years now, I would occasionally get on booting BIOS saying that there isn't a boot drive, but that's happening even more frequently now, along with the full rebooting. I've reinstalled Windows 10 twice, and it's still happening with absolutely no rhyme or reason. According to the Reliability Monitor, Windows simply stopped working with no messages or errors happening before it. I haven't seen a bluescreen in a few weeks, but the reboots happen every few days, sometimes twice a day, sometimes up to 5 days in between. I'm at the end of my rope, and the only thing I can think of at this point is that maybe my hard drive is dying? It's at least like 10 years old.