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  1. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    No Yeah, they’re spinning and lighting up
  2. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    It’s still hovering around 85 when idle I feel like the pump must be jacked up, I’ve tried pretty much all ports and different applications of thermal paste. We have shitty postal service here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got jacked up in the ride here hahaha
  3. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    It only has the cpu fan 1, which I have the pump plugged into and the other one into cha_fan 2/wp. I looked in the manuel, but it only says to plug fans there and to match certain wires
  4. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    I have the one labeled M plugged into cup fan 1 and the other one into cha fan 2/wp sorry im such a newbie at this haha
  5. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    Haha just tried that, no avail
  6. Joshedhs

    ML240L CPU too hot

    I have an i5 9600k. They don’t feel like they’re vibrating. I have the one that comes from the two fans plugged into CPU_FAN1 I’m pretty sure
  7. Joshedhs

    my cpu is overheating

    Haha idk how, that’s why I’m here
  8. I just set up my first build and it’s getting too hot. Im using an ML240L on an Asrock z390pro4. It’ll idle around 70 and hit 110 before I shut it down or it does itself. I applied a pea of thermal paste and made sure the plastic isn’t on the mount. I don’t think the pump is on, anyone have any similar issues/fixes? Connections: Pump-> CHA_FAN/WP Pump-> RGB stuff -> CP1_FAN1
  9. My cpu is also getting way too hot (100 degrees) and it sounds like my pump isn’t on either. Any tips?