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  1. i dont know, i guess i'll give her up i just dont know what to do
  2. i sometime leave her for a few minutes till she stops meowing and then let her out, hopping that she'll learn meowing isnt gonna give her whatever shes thinking idk tbh i havent owned a cat in a long time
  3. hi there, i have a very gorgeous Persian cat that my cousin couldnt handle and gave it to me, but the cat meows nonstop in the morning around 2 to 8am so i always wake up and throw her in the bathroom till i fully wake up which leaves her in the bathroom for hours which is kinda sad but i cant handle her consist meowing do you think that its animal abuse leaving her in the bathroom for hours?
  4. the fans arent spinning theirs no noise indicating that the pc turned on but the RGB lights from the motherboard is on so why wont my pc boot up? is there a cable i missed plugging in? this is the first time i ever built a pc so please help IMG_6448 (2).MOV
  5. thank you for telling me i've been stuck for hours i had no idea what VGA meant tbh lol
  6. my 2080ti asus strix needs 16 pin connectors but my evga bq 850w powersupply only has 14 PICE connectors and i cant find the 2 extra pins in the box what should i do?
  7. but there is no 2 separate cables coming from the psu theirs only these
  8. i own a 850 bronze evga and an asus strix 2080ti so their not supported?
  9. im almost finished installing my pc but i noticed the PCIE that is connected to the power supply has 14 connectors wires but my 2080ti has 16 slots that connects the PCIE what should i do?