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  1. Thanks, and do you think that it will remain a good computer, meaning it wont stop being able to run programs
  2. Idk, mostly just for it to still be a good pc in a couple of years. Meaning it can run all the programs required in school
  3. Hello i have a budget of a 1000 dollars for a school laptop, and i was wondering if its better to get an old leonovi x1 carbon(2016) or if I should buy a less premium but newer one.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy an all around good laptop and my budget is 900 euros. I was wondering what you guys would recommend, also is it worth to buy a old high end laptop or an new mid tier one. I had my eyes in an x1 carbon with i7 6th gen
  5. Hey guys. I was reading a couple of things and apparently CAM the fan software im using sucks. Any recomendations?
  6. Thx for the advice, I just found this(https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16834155036) on newegg and wanted to know if its worth it. I also saw thatbecause the rtx graphics cards are coming out I should wait a little bit.
  7. Hi, I was wondering what gaming laptop you guys would recommend with a budget of around 1200 dollars