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  1. NeedALaptop

    When will GTX 11 series laptops be released?

    Are you suggesting that it is worth to wait for an eventual price drop in the near future?
  2. And when? For example, RTX has helped a little bit. What about GTX 1660 Ti for laptops (but when)? I have noticed that small reductions every couple of weeks but not sure if this is just due to the age. Also heard about Navi but it's too late into the year (Q3). Looking for something within the next couple of months max. As I said prices drop eventually slowly but not sure if there are any events/new releases which will help much.
  3. NeedALaptop

    About HELIOS 500

    Indiana Jones!
  4. NeedALaptop

    15.6 vs 17.3 for gaming

    Obviously, a desktop gives a better value. However, in my position (where I may change the country soon, and also I am forced to buy abroad and desktops are not possible to deliver) it seems like a decent compromise. As others have also said, a gaming laptop forces you to be stationary, so portability is not an issue - somewhat, a stationary desktop, which is also possible to move more easy. Currently, I have a non-gaming 15.6" (720P) laptop and trying on game screenshots make everything appear too small. Did have a 17.3" gaming laptop like 10 years ago (720P too) but have good memories of having just enough screen size.
  5. Looking to hear what screen size in inches do you prefer and why I am in for 17.3 and the reasoning is that it gives you more real estate, arguably helpful in RPGs where the interface gets cluttered with action buttons
  6. NeedALaptop

    a little help

    Not to barge in but is there a difference between an010no and an107na? I have seen some mentions about avoiding g-sync but not sure why, if it's related to this.
  7. NeedALaptop

    About HELIOS 500

    This guy cheaped-out and now complaining?
  8. NeedALaptop

    Looking for a good laptop

    Also, what about the one below? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/hp-omen-17-an107na-nvidia-gtx-1070-8gb-17.3-ips-120hz-g-sync-intel-i7-8750h-gaming-laptop-lt-03v-hp.html Comparing to GP73 1070 and GL703GM 1070.
  9. NeedALaptop

    Looking for a good laptop

    What about a GL703 with a 1070 - does it really struggle to keep it cool?
  10. NeedALaptop

    Looking for a good laptop

    How would you compare a FX705 with a 1060 to a MSI GP73 with a 1060? Interested in cooling, build quality and QC. Cheers!
  11. NeedALaptop

    Laptop Overheating / Throttling?

    And this is why I never get a laptop with a 128GB SSD!
  12. GF series is bollocks. How much is this one? Have a look at GP63 (with a 1060) - affordable, with great cooling.
  13. Given the release of 1600-series today, when are we to expect such laptops? Or at least a price-drop for the existing ones.
  14. NeedALaptop

    1060 or 1070

    1070 model comes with an average 250GB SSD, and it suits my needs just enough. If I buy a 1060 one, I will put the best SSD, as there's no point of saving 25 Pounds for a worse performance (on top of the hustle to install it) Since WoW uses CPU more and 8750H is just enough for good performance, I am wondering if 1700 will show any improvement over 1060 or will be under used. My concern if I push the graphics higher the better GPU will not help as CPU will hold all back