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  1. so I was testing msi afterburner oc scanner when my screen went all black because my gpu crashed, long story short I fell asleep while waiting for the scanner to finish, So I basically let my gpu crashed (still on with black screen) for 4 hours. Think it will suffer from vietnam war trauma shit?
  2. Wich one do you prefer and why? Also, don't soft mouse pads make friction between your mouse and the pad wich forces you to make harder movements? Isn't that annoying?
  3. The cheapest possible, no peripherals or anything, only to check and only to check if it worth to build an everyday use pc or to buy a prebuit one
  4. No I won't this pc isnt for me, I already have one.
  5. looking to build a pc for everyday use. If you can suggest entire build that'd be even better.
  6. Fortnite, since the new season (I am wondering if it is only the game) Yes, they are Doesn't seem to be any crash logs Build 6 month old cpu changed 20 days ago but it didnt have any proplems like this before
  7. Basically, when I play games, for a 2-3 hours its fine but then I freezes and won't respond. Reboot it and few minutes after it crashes again. Any ideas?
  8. I am posting this here because I have no idea where I have bought a 20$ gift card on G2A, I've never had any problems on g2a before, seller had great reviews. The gift card is not working. I contact the seller, no response. I contact g2a, they tell me I have to contact the seller and tell me they can't do anything. I open a case on paypal. The case was denied, the seller won because they say yes, the item was delivered (even if I had told them I had the gift card but it IS NOT working) Any idea?
  9. Rx 580 xfx gts black edition Ryzen 5 2600 8gb Ram DDR4 240gb ssd 1tb hdd B450 tomahawk