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  1. Unless you jam a part of your body into a moving fan, or touch the inside of the power supply, or cut up the motherboard and make a sandwich out of it, you will be fine.
  2. i know some services have a download lmit or a daily limit , monthly etc, maybe check into that just in case you need it in a pinch and cant get it
  3. are you talking vmdk vhd vhdx , just make sure there is no file size limit or upload time limit i think linus had a video on google drive with issues etc. i would ingest that just for food for though, he was trying to backup his storinator
  4. yes . i was just relating an example. Of which was agreeing with your statement.
  5. I had a HAF932 case and it had a 240 in a another on the front of a smaller size, a 120 out next to the cpu and a 240 pulling out. You need fresh air in, cooler air, it will create a natural rize of warm air which the one fan will help evacuate
  6. That would be a good ideas well , let it escape your build into a completely different unit, and run from there
  7. try to DDU your gpu and see what effect that has. it will rip out all the video card drivers. Is there anything different about your two cards, inputs, was it hooked up hdmi before, power connectors, does it sit differently etc.
  8. Does your working card have the same connectors for the video card as well, if it does you can eliminate that from the issue since if it works on a card
  9. I would say your gpu is dead in some way. You could still try the DDU, to see if it detects, but the fact that one works and one does not , even your card when i looked it up is a 300w tdp card, so if your 600W psu would be enough. Try the DDU, but other than that i would say your card is defective in some way. Did you say you bought it off ebay or something?
  10. Then you will have two displays that you can clone if you want to , or display whatever on the other display. If you need configuration help let me know.
  11. Process of Elimination if one graphic card works the the other does not, i would say its the GPU, is there any bent or mangled or stripped off pins on the other GPU, any signs of wear or scorching etc.
  12. Yes in that case you just need the Drivers from AMD Website.
  13. Download ddu https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html and press the clean and shutdown option. Take your graphics card out of its pcie slot and blow the dust if there's any. Place gpu back into the slot and plug in your display cable. Now boot your computer and install the latest amd drivers from their website as long as you get a display. Could be a driver issue.