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  1. Damn, that's a nice chip. Keep it close, take good care of it. DDR3 is still very much available to get new, FABS in China are ramping up production and will make what ever it is that you want.
  2. Don’t give me hope like that. That will lead to sub- ambient with a bare die setup....
  3. I have an Ivy, 8 cores, oc to 4.5... damn that thing will give a R7 2700 a good run for its money but the Xeon suck up electricity like no one cares.
  4. The main reason why the silicon industry moves to a new node is to capture the density (which mean more chip per fixed wafer size which mean less cost) and performance benefits baked into the new nodes. this ending of end of life status thing seemed like Intel is restarting production of 22nM cpu, which means the fabs were making something else before switching back to cpu again. It doesn’t look well when you are supposed to be on the bleeding edge of technology yet you have to drag a low end parts introduced 6 years ago out of retirement during a 2 years long product shortage.
  5. I’m not, I think this is more of a fire fighting measures right now to alleviate the supply issue that have been going on for close to two years now. I don’t think Intel will want to do this going forward.
  6. It is not bad for consumers, it is showing Intel in a bad strategic position right now. Can’t keep up with demand, tough competition from AMD and delays in 10nM...
  7. I think Intel is doing this to ration 14nM capacity for higher end sku. Bottom of the barrel 8-9th gen Pentium or Celeron are not that much more capable than the older Pentium and I3 of yester years. And Intel did make the switch for H310 to H310C to shift chipset use from 14nM to 22nM last year. Low end sku get the axe from latest tech first it seemed
  8. The G3420 used to be EOL, but now Intel have bring it back from the dead. That’s bad, since the chip aimed at substituting Pentium Gold at the bottom of the barrel of the product stack. The newer Pentium are taking up precious 14nM capacity for much higher performance core series CPU. This is the reasoning behind why Intel introduced the H310C chipset to replace the H310. The regular H310 is of a low end sku, yet taking up premium 14nM space. You know the shortage must be bad when they drag a 6 years old cpu out of retirement to fill out orders.
  9. Well, sold my Z77 WS board with a delided 3770K. Not sure how golden that chip was, never had the time to mess with it too much. Tempted to do a direct die custom water cooling loop to see how far I can go. But then the gear are old and I have a shop to run lol
  10. It was a decent platform, everything just worked with all the latest features back then fully working. Pcie 3.0, all Sata 3 ports, USB 3.0 ports on most motherboard. Decent platform, CPU is more of a side-grade from Ivy Bridge. Not as fun to OC like Sandy though. Most 2600K can do 5.0GHz with about 1.48V Vcore given you have decent cooling. Try that with a 4790K, I dare you.
  11. Source: Intel Intel is to cancel the EOL (end of life) status for the Pentium G3420, a dual core, dual threads Haswell based LGA 1150 socketed CPU that was initially launched in Q3 2013 (6 years ago). Interested customers can order the CPU from Intel from now to May 2020 when the last non-cancelable orders can be placed, with last shipments expected in December 2020. OP opinions on this: Intel pretty much screwed the pooch here. First they have the 14nM shortage. They started to move some of their chipset production back to 22nM and now, re-releasing a 22nM cpu from 2013 to alleviate the shortage!? This is nuts! Anecdotally, as the OP is a sile owner-operator of a computer repair- trading shop, OP have heard of long RMA time and outright un-availability of replacement CPUs. People when their CPUs died got offered refunds instead of replacement CPUs. Yet, the price for new CPUs from both AMD and Intel keeps falling through the floor. Same with SSD and RAM prices in Vietnam.
  12. Asrock comes to the rescue with the Creator!
  13. Boards are already at retailers/ Distributors. Can't be too long.
  14. Source; https://www.facebook.com/nguyencongpc.vn/posts/1222118664661991 https://videocardz.com/newz/asrock-asus-msi-trx40-motherboards-pictured-ahead-of-launch Nguyễn Công PC, a local system intergrater have posted pictures of the Asus Zenith II extreme TRX40 motherboard. I knows the guy in real life so, maybe I can get close and get even more details!? Attached pictures in case the post got taken down. From the box it seems that the board is still quad channel memory, but support PCIE 4.0. Dual 8 pin CPU power connector and an additional 6 pin for the CPU hints at the potential power draw of Thread ripper. Also a MOLEX connector to supply additional power to the PCIE slots at the bottom.
  15. Tooth brush and dish soap to clean the pins, wait for it to dry and try again. Trust me, I do this shit for a living.
  16. vietnamese pricing, divide the number by 23000 for usd i5 1,500,000 gpu 2,500,000 ram 500,000 psu 500,000 (used only fetch that much) mobo 1,000,000 ssd 700,000 (I sell this and it's my current prices for them) hdd 500,000 case 800,000 so about 8 million total, 350$, you are looking at a steal.
  17. So, anyone heard of this channel that does a few videos on red mini mag on how they are just generic msata ssd, even bad generic msata ssd with a few dollars worth of connectiors for 40-50x the public BOM price. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaXkBP-tPP-gIYXdABi7vjA There's nothing special with them, no software nor firmware secrete sauce to stop you from popping a standard msata ssd into a red mini mag and call it a day. Hell, you can get the cheapest 128GB mags, load up a sweet 2TB 860evo in there and have the best msata mini mag thing there is for less than the cost of the next step up!! Disclosure, I don't have any affliction with any of the companies or entities mentioned. Just a simple tech user that ran a tech business in Hanoi so I have insider bulk quotes for storage and memory products. But it's just a level above retail so nothing crazy. In a flash sale you will get better prices than me. English is not my native tongue and it's 2am now, sorry for typos or things not being well written
  18. Calling it now, maxed out Mac will be closer to 100K $ than 50K $. Just the 1.5TB of ram alone could cost 24K at bargain basement prices.
  19. Found on a Facebook group of Asrock fans in Vietnam. Considering the company have a motherboard manufacturing plant here in the country, and the fact that third gen ryzen is about to drop really soon, motherboards are bound to exist. Just not in our hand yet. Sauce shall be added later
  20. My two cents on this: IF you take available public domain data and make your own model, all fine and good. For example: Dimension drawings, pictures, technical data pack that is released for public consumption. IF you ripped a 3D model from game data, no mater how you transform it, it is still stealing. Modifying closed source data and making it yours without permission? You will be in heap of trouble.
  21. *sigh 680 get rebranded with more clocks to be 770 760 is actually not a 670 but is a in between of a 660ti and a 670. 670, 680, 660ti are all GK104 part cut up differently. 760 is still GK104 but cut up in between the 660ti and 670. the 670 actually got rebranded into the 760ti that is only available to large OEM. https://www.anandtech.com/show/7103/nvidia-geforce-gtx-760-review GTX 960 is a new Maxwell part designed to replace the 760 in performance but at a lower power draw of 120W vs the 170W of the 760, making it more accessible to the masses. https://www.anandtech.com/show/8923/nvidia-launches-geforce-gtx-960 So yeah, I know my stuff. I actually have used all them cards personally for at least a month each. I know what they are capable of and their relative performance and power needs.
  22. GN this or that, Steve loose all credibility in my eye with his GTX 1050ti VS 780ti video. Highly stacked deck with a top of the line 1050ti with a base clock that is 1.4 ish Ghz (versus stock 1.3 ishGHz) and comparing it to a stock GTX780ti locked at 0.9 ish GHz (while everyone and their mother got theirs to at least 1.2GHz easy). For crying out loud he got the GTX960 to be comparable to the 780ti!? Everyone knows the 960 is a more refined 760. Same performance, less power draw. At the 980 launch, everyone was so unimpress at how it is just a side grade from the 780ti!? And now GN put it same as a GTX960!? So yeah, the dude not getting card seeded is not the biggest lost in my mind.
  23. Well, one might say that Intel is having the CLAP now https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the clap for the non native
  24. remember bois, the only reason why AMD is still around is so Intel does not get sued for having a monopoly. TR2 being 32 cores is well within reasons ever since De8auer delid TR1 and tries to get EPYC running on X399. You think Intel wont do crazy stuff the moment AMD looks competitive again? Look at this! Dual LGA 1366 enthusiast board. Boom done! Remember skull trail? yeah. Intel only keeps AMD alive so that they can milk the market without fear of anti monopoly regulations
  25. All my tech tools is windows only. Screw that! (And the fact that I never used a Mac before might be of HUGE consideration)