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  1. Thanks @Kilrah, was able to change to AHCI and reinstall my OS. Win 10 feels so much more faster on a M2 than SSD. Appreciate your support
  2. Thanks! What about the current array ? (M2 SSD non-RAID array on which my OS is installed) Should I delete it from BIOS, change SATA mode to AHCI and re-install OS?
  3. So, would you suggest me to rollback to AHCI, delete the current M2 SSD non-RAID array from BIOS and re-install windows in my M2 SSD?
  4. I wasn't able to get it detected under drives. So, I enabled bios settings as per MSI's recommendation in the video link I shared. Do you suggest me to rollback to AHCI and do a re-install of windows and try to make it work this way?
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions. After even further research I decided to drop my SLI plan and wait for Zen3/11th gen i9 series. Well, the second SLI I was getting for a good price at my place. So, was thinking to go for it. This was an interesting comparison, I changed my SOTTR graphic settings to your settings and was able to get an avg fps of 93, also my benchmark was more 23% GPU bound, inclining onto CPU being a bottleneck. 30 more fps with 9900k is a great deal of improvement for sure. Thanks for posting the benchmark! Appreciate it. Well, I am from India and was able to grab threadripper 2950x with MSI x399 gaming pro carbon ac at 75k INR in an Amazon sale 3 years back. It was a good buy too, performs like a beast in workstation tasks and is decent at gaming, but I needed more fps. I was able to grab another 2080ti at 70k INR and thought to do a SLI build with it. Dropping the plan after seeing your responses.
  6. Hey guys, I got a new M2 SSD as I needed some space for games and video rendering. The installation turned out to be a nightmare for me, lost 3 years data I'm using a X399 board (MSI Gaming pro carbon AC) with Threadripper 2950x, I had a 2TB Seagate SSD with my OS installed and another 1 TB SATA HDD. After I installed my M2 onto my PC, it was not showing up in the drives (though detected in Device Manager). Thought I need to enable bios settings to enable M2 and followed steps in this MSI official video for X399 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MClnWJ9mws The video showed BIOS settings to enable "Windows 10 WHQL Support" and change SATA mode to "Raid" from AHCI. Little did I know doing this needs me to re-install my OS (as it involved deleting arrays and creating new array). I ended up re-installing my Windows 10 in my new M2 SSD. But, post OS installation, my SSD and SATA HDD are not getting detected. I installed Raidxpert2 tool and found out my new M2 SSD is being red-flagged with type as "LEGACY". I have options to Create new arrays with my other SSD and SATA HDD. Now I have the below questions: 1) Why is my M2 SSD red-flagged with type as "LEGACY", What went wrong here? 2) Creating new array from Raidxpert2 is giving an option to select array type as Volume(JBOD), RAID0, RAID1, which one should I choose? My primary use is gaming and video encoding/rendering. If I choose Raid0/Raid1, its allowing a min of 2 drives to be selected and mixing SSD with SATA HDD isn't an optimal way right? 3) Do I really need SATA mode as RAID for M2 SSD to work with X399 ? Which one among RAID/AHCI would yield more performance? 4) Since, I started my win10 installation fresh, please let me know if there's a better way to format my drives and use them all together. I'm planning to add more M2 SSD's in the future and would ideally want a smoother onboarding. PS: I have UEFI enabled in BIOS as well. Thanks for reading through my long post and would appreciate any ideas. Regards!
  7. Hi folks, My current PC specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cvpyn7 I'm looking for better fps in Ultrawide 3440x1440 resolution in games. I own a threadripper 2950x and a Nvidia 2080ti. I built a threadripper build for video encoding purposes but these days mostly doing gaming. I was getting another new RTX 2080ti at 850$ and thought to take the deal. Had the below 2 ideas in my mind: 1) Do you guys suggest replacing threadripper 2950x with a i9 9900k would give better gaming performance than having a Nvlink/SLI 2080ti? 2) Buying RTX 2080Ti for now to make it a SLI setup and wait to replace 2950x with a 10th gen i9 ? I have read 9900k has very poor cost vs performance ratio. I actually felt 2950x was decent in games especially if you give a quad channel low latency high speed RAM. I am running quad channel 32GB @3200 Mhz and was seeing much better fps than 2400Mhz ram. Some gaming benchmarks of my current setup, I am running everything at ultra and 3440x1440 resolution and for SOTTR I am using MSAAx4 Anti-Aliasing.: 1) Hitman2 Benchmark: Min of 17.78 FPS, Max of 119.65 FPS, Avg: 73.41 FPS. Score: 72.06FPS Screenshot: https://ibb.co/9Z5v7qz 2) SOTTR Benchmark: Frames rendered: 8731, 100% GPU Bound, Avg fps: 55 Screenshot: https://ibb.co/vdP3pjB I would like to increase atleast 20 fps more on the Avg fps for the above games. PS: I am aware that all games dont support SLI but i've seen decent improvements for GTA 5, Borderlands 2, Hitman 2, SOTR etc and I'm happy with the 20-40% boost SLI brings in these games. Let me know whats better in your opinion.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions @TofuHaroto @Den-Fi. @Den-Fi Does the UPS shutoff power to the CPU if it gets overloaded while its connected to current from wall? I really don't mind about backup purposes, I am worried about voltage fluctuations at my place and them not damaging my CPU.
  9. Hi folks, My current PC parts are mentioned here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cvpyn7 I am trying to setup NVLink/SLI with RTX 2080ti and had the below doubts, would appreciate someone clarifying it out: 1) I have a Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Graphic card now and managed to grab INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI TWIN X2 at a good deal, can I do a NvLink/SLI setup with these 2 GPU's? Zotac has 1665 Boost clock and Inno3d with 1545 boost clock, I'm assuming I have to run them both at 1545 Mhz if its compatible for a SLI which is fine. 2) My CPU is Ryzen Threadripper 2950x. PC partmaker and few other websites are suggesting estimated wattage of around 750-800W. I currently am using Coolmaster V1000 80+ Gold certified: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/v-series/v1000/ Will this PSU wattage be sufficient for my SLI setup? I'm not planning to OC GPU but I am running OC on CPU with Auto PBO setting and RAM is OC'ed. I also do have 4x 140mm, 4x 120mm fans, a fan controller installed in my Corsair 500R case. My current consumption goes to 600-650W at the max during high fps gaming. 4) Will I shorten my PSU life if wattage hits 850-950W during gaming? Can a PSU run at 80-90% load a few hours daily and function for 2-5 years ? 5) My current UPS (APC BR1500G) is rated 1500 VA/865W: https://www.amazon.com/APC-Back-UPS-Battery-Protector-BR1500G/dp/B003Y24DEU Will this be able to supply power upto 1000W? I really don't use it for backup purposes, I wouldn't want it to shut off power to CPU if it exceeds 865W. If it lasts even a few seconds its fine for me to shutdown PC manually. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. Appreciate your initial inputs as well. I initially was going for 3600Mhz CL15 ram but it was dual sticks. Didn't want to mix up 2 kits and hassle of returns if it doesn't work out. Also, I had a Geekbench4 benchmark result of my previous setup, did a run with my new ram and below are the results. With Dual Channel 2x16GB Ripjaws v-series at 3133Mhz CL16: Single-Core Score: 4670 & Multi-Core Score: 27515 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/11849701 With Quad Channel 4x8GB Tridentz F4-3600C16Q-32GTZKK at 3333Mhz CL14: Single-Core Score: 4973 & Multi-Core Score: 39108 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/12478578
  11. Same here. I received my F4-3600C16Q-32GTZKK 4x8GB kit today and the results are very good with quad channel. Able to run at 3333Mhz CL14 14-14-34 stable. Was booting with 3466Mhz but had some BSOD's. 3600Mhz wasn't booting at all. I haven't benchmarked it with any specific tool, but I have captured gaming benchmarks with Hitman2 and Shadow of the tomb raider. I am running everything at ultra and 3440x1440 resolution and for SOTTR I am using MSAAx4 Anti-Aliasing. With Dual Channel 2x16GB Ripjaws v-series at 3133Mhz CL16: 1) Hitman2 Benchmark: Min of 6.73 FPS, Max of 88.24 FPS, Avg: 51.37 FPS. Score: 53.13FPS. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/D76vDFQ 2) SOTTR Benchmark: Frames rendered: 8456, 99% GPU Bound, Avg fps: 53 Screenshot: https://ibb.co/qWZgxLP With Quad Channel 4x8GB Tridentz F4-3600C16Q-32GTZKK at 3333Mhz CL14: 1) Hitman2 Benchmark: Min of 17.78 FPS, Max of 119.65 FPS, Avg: 73.41 FPS. Score: 72.06FPS Screenshot: https://ibb.co/9Z5v7qz 2) SOTTR Benchmark: Frames rendered: 8731, 100% GPU Bound, Avg fps: 55 Screenshot: https://ibb.co/vdP3pjB Though the benchmarks only show one side of the story. In gaming, I am seeing no stuttering now in Hitman2. Min FPS was 32 in crowded Mumbai areas, now Min FPS is 45 and very much playable. Avg FPS increased over 20-30fps and around 60fps most of the times. Max FPS crossing 100 most of the times, was max of 80FPS or so before. Also observed better frame rates with creator mode than game mode with quad channel. Although gaming isn't threadripper piece of cake, it is still a very competent gaming CPU. I have seen similar benchmarks with 8700k as well for hitman2. Very much satisfied with my threadripper gaming performance now.
  12. F4-3200C14Q-32GFX is a Samsung B-die. Flare X kits usually are well compatible with x399 platform so you should be good to go. Let us know once you test them!
  13. @timbergus Don't worry about QVL list. They won't update it with many models. Always make sure to get Samsung B-die chips and they will run at high frequency. Refer to this list and check if your ram is a samsung B-die: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/62vp2g/clearing_up_any_samsung_bdie_confusion_eg_on/ About your rams, mixing rams still makes it a quad channel and it will work at stock 2133Mhz. But there's 50/50 chance it will run at 3600Mhz. Manufacturers test and put up a 4 or 8 kit if you buy a single kit with 4 or 8 rams and it is guaranteed this way to run at 3600Mhz (again depends on timings and silicon lottery with ram). Let me know your results as well. Try boosting to 3200+ which is a sweet spot for ryzen. I am still waiting for my ram, long wait
  14. hey @timbergus are you running a XMP profile with 3200Mhz or more? Stock setting will run at 2133Mhz. In My X399 Gaming Carbon AC for a 3200Mhz Ram it gives XMP1 as 2933 and XMP2 as 3200. Though for x399, you should manually tune the timings to achieve best settings. I was able to run 3133Mhz with 16-18-18-38 manually with my Hynix ripjaw 3200Mhz chip. And from what I have read, max speed people could run with 8 Rams in threadripper is 2933 Mhz (Correct me anyone if I am wrong). With 2 or 4 rams they could achieve upto 3600Mhz which is what I am looking at. Also, your RAM series is 18D, which is rated as a dual channel RAM and you are mixing 4 kits, so it is 50/50 chance if it can run over 2933Mhz. (Which was my concern as well with F4-3600C15D-16GTZ as it is a dual channel RAM and not sure how high it can go with Quad channel). You can read more here: Don't mix Kits Coming to latency, lesser response time is better performing in multi-core applications and in benchmarks as well, but in gaming its random as per what I've seen (depends on game). Though low latency is always preferable. With these calculations the best timings for ryzen/threadripper is: 3600CL15 > 3200CL14 > 3600CL16 Response time you can calculate as below: CL / frequency x 1000 = ns (response time) some examples cl14 / 3200 x 1000 = 4.375ns cl15 / 3466 x 1000 = 4.328ns cl18 / 3600 x 1000 = 5ns cl19 / 4000 x 1000 = 4.75ns
  15. Hmm gotta rely on my luck. I have ordered CL15 3600 one and gonna be testing in a few days. Will update the results. Thanks again for the support